How we Shape our instructions, Shahzadpur Farm Yoga Class?

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A yoga class has to flow more

like a synchronization,

between teacher’s intentions and the student’s

understanding of it – in a symphony,

with all its different constituents working

in unison as a single throbbing unit.

We take special care to shape our instructions

at Shahzadpur farm yoga classes.

A number of factors play their part toward this goal :

understanding of the student’s expectations and body by the Yoga Instructor, how specific are the instructions, how the class is structured, effectiveness of the communication involved, personality of the Yoga teacher (should be as near as possible to a genuine yoga teacher), duration of the Yoga class, and state of Mind of the Yoga teacher while taking the Yoga class.

Significance of the instructions given in a Yoga Class

Here I will discuss in detail the role played by the instructions in making a Yoga class achieve it’s purpose. Instructions in a Yoga class is the channel over which is transferred the intent of the Yoga teacher to the students. The more comprehensible , for the student, are the instructions, closer will the student trail to their intent.
In order to maximize the comprehensibility of the instructions given we at Shahzadpur Farm Yoga Classes in Bandra West, Mumbai, judiciously take care of some of the contributors to it: removing the communication barriers, graded structuring of the steps in order to make the techniques look less complex, considering the flexibility level of the student, factoring in the personality & endurance level of the student.

Communication barriers – Yoga teacher and Student

Blockages to communicating the instructions could be myriad. It is the ability of the yoga instructor to identify as many barriers as possible in order to make the transfer of his intent to the student flawless. Our Yoga classes in Bandra at yoga studio in Mumbai can be an ensemble of students from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

The points mentioned here in this regard are strictly adhered to by our Yoga trainer at home in Mumbai and at the yoga studio for Shahzadpur Farm Yoga’s Yoga classes, Bandra west, Mumbai.

  • The Yoga instructor keeps in Mind the disparities related to the pronunciation & tone of the voice while verbally conveying the pieces of messages across to the class
  • The speech is paced comfortably slow for enhanced clarity
  • The words spoken are tuned with the pace of the corresponding movements being executed by the student
  • The pitch of the voice is adjusted related to the distance of the farthest student from the Yoga teacher, the Yoga teacher constantly moves around in the Yoga class so that the voice gets uniformly absorbed across its dimensions
  • In case a student is seemingly not getting the communicated word clearly, he / she is assisted further by demonstrations and gestures by the teacher
  • Before even the class begins, and as the class progresses, the teacher makes an effort to understand the body types and comprehension angles of every student.

Complex techniques – Instructions for Yoga Classes

At Shahzadpur Farm Yoga we have a way of handling seemingly difficult and complex Yoga techniques.

  • Breaking down of the seemingly complex techniques into smaller logically sequenced, doable steps, and instruct train the student on each step individually, incorporating all the aspects of practicing yoga the right way, before they can attempt the final technique ( practicing Dolphin pose before attempting Shirshasana ( head stand for improving the strength of the shoulders)
  • Conduct a thorough body reading of the student and delineate the flexible and the stiffer areas, based on which is drawn the progression plan for them ( The structure of each class is designed to warm up and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body)
  • Our Yoga trainers handle the students and their fears related to a lot of postures in a highly motivating manner, they are well versed in the principles of alignment in yoga and use case studies to effectively explain the science behind the Yoga techniques to alleviate fears related to the same.

Flexibility level of the student considered

How do we instruct  in our yoga classes at Shahzadpur farm yoga, bandra West, Mumbai

At Shahzadpur farm Yoga we do not have a general set of instructions for all flexibility types.

  • The Yoga instructors are adept at customizing the instructions, on the same technique, for different flexibility levels
  • A simple forward bend can be varied in intensity for two different level of flexibilities: stretch forward while going down and open the lower back before touching the finger tips anywhere possible on the mat, and place the entire palms beside the ankles and touch the forehead anywhere on the knees or the shins while exhaling
  • The manner of speech and the words used by the Yoga teachers turn the more flexible ones in the class as the benchmarks to be achieved than threats
  • Similarly the instructions are varied across the age groups, props are used profusely so that yoga can benefit the seniors and the young alike.

We do not train the crowd, we train individuals: each single student is important to us at Shahzadpur farm Yoga Classes in Bandra West, Mumbai, as well at yoga classes at home in Mumbai.
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