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Yoga for Heart – Human heart is a fist sized organ placed in the

upper chest area, slightly towards the left. The heart beats due to an electrical impulse,

which is not connected to any other function or organ of the body. 

It is the central pump, the main function of the heart is to circulate nutrition rich blood to every nook and corner of the body, and also to re oxygenate the deoxygenated blood by coordinating with the lungs.

Strength of the heart beat is the power needed to flush the oxygenated blood to the last edge of the minutest capillaries for keeping every tissue in the body alive and healthy. 

The heart beats up to 72 times in a minute.  A network of coronary blood vessels help it carry blood throughout the body, any malfunctioning of these blood vessels can lead to various diseases of the heart. The autonomic nervous system on receiving command from the brain can increase or decrease the pressure of the heart. 

Daily stress and strain, identify it with stress test, bad lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits tell upon the strength of the beat, push ( blood pressure) being generated by the heart.  High blood pressure doesn’t mean that more blood is reaching the parts of the body, in fact blood pressure is the resistance of the heart, and the arteries to the flow of the blood within them.

High B P would mean that the resistance of the coronary arteries to the flow of blood within them has increased which is reducing the amount of blood being carried by them. This renders the part of the body to which the affected vessel is carrying the blood to deficient in the necessary nutrients – vital minerals  and other plant based nutrients  –  leading to its weakness or malfunctioning over a period of time.  

Smoking can reduce the quality of blood being circulated to the muscles and tissues of the body which includes the muscles of the heart as well. Unwanted stress of the mind can constrict the blood vessels and capillaries upping the rate of flow of the blood into them. This causes extra strain on the tissues and muscles making them weaker every moment. Unhealthy fats ingested through food can clog the channels of the heart causing it to trip at moments.

Yoga for Healthy Heart

Yoga for heart Disease

Yoga for Heart patients  provide help to these conditions by reducing the impact of stress on the entire system which benefits the heart too.  In order to receive the real benefits yoga and its concepts must be understood and followed in their raw form and not the way spirituality is commercialized these days everywhere around us.  

Authentic yoga concepts when learned through good quality yoga teachers give one the ability to distinguish the right knowledge from the wrong information floating around us related to human life.

Yoga techniques for alleviating stress form an integral part of the yoga poses for a healthy heart.  Other than the yoga techniques mentioned below relaxing with the vibrations from the Singing Bowl is a very effective method of calming the nerves leading to the heart providing the needed succor to it. 

Practicing meditation regularly helps one arrest the Citta ( the personality complex) in order to experience the ultimate state of absolute consciousness; the state of mind experienced when all its Vrittis – modifications – have been completely arrested.

All the stretches comprising Yoga to improve blood circulation to regions lying dead due to being subjected to a state of prolonged inertia on account of sedentary lifestyles. Moreover regulating the prana in the body has been known to open up the clogged pathways of the heart as well as the circulatory system.  One must educate oneself on how yoga works on one’s body in order to do the techniques the right way.  

Yoga Therapy for Cardiac issues, as given here, forms an integral part of our yoga camp for heart disease at our retreat as well as of our yoga at home in Mumbai, along with our Yoga for heart blockage at home in Chandigarh.

Oral hygiene and a healthy yoga diet are crucial to maintaining a healthy heart along with practicing yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga for Heart Blockage

Anulom Vilom


Ujjayi Pranayama

Nishpanda Bhava

Akash Mudra

Warrior Pose 1

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