Yoga Steps for Inducing Acceptance, Yoga for Inner Acceptance

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Yoga for inner acceptance:

The term acceptance as per yoga means experiencing the present “as it is”.

It also means the mind is totally at ease being in the now moment. It takes a lot of strength for the mind to be, stay in the present moment.

A weak mind loves the feel of remaining afloat by the multi directional pull of the web of thoughts, of either what has already happened – the past- or what is expected to happen – the future. Yoga for inner acceptance help one stay in the present.

A weak mind can’t stay afloat on its own, as it fears falling in the abyss of nothingness in the absence of the support of this web of thoughts. It is nothing without the thoughts, as the smoke screen generated by  the perpetual generation of the thoughts keeps it oblivious of the real self – the consciousness. So  it continue  generating more and more of them in order to keep fueling its existence. Such a mind remains scattered either in the past or in the future; it is not aware of or conscious of the present.

Living in the present moment is being at ease with the reality of now. Thus embracing the reality of the present is accepting the present with all its attributes. Such a mind escapes the misery which could emanate from the friction produced within it on account of being pulled between what the reality is  – the present – and what it wants the reality to be (wish). 

As per yoga this requires a stronger mind which can exist on its own without needing the crutches of the matrix of thoughts.  Acceptance can only set in a stronger, concentrated mind. Various techniques can train the mind to be focused at will. Accepting the situations and the circumstances the way they are makes the life simpler and easier to understand and lead. Knowing and accepting one’s reality keeps one grounded all the time preventing the ego from flaring up whenever the conditions so favor.

As per yoga the mind which is calm, sorted, steady and at peace is the mind which can be in the present, or accepting of the reality. It becomes easy for an accepting mind to realize the unity of all the elements the entire universe.  

As most of the problems in one’s  life result from the sense of individuality, I sense, or taking the burden of one’s existence on one’s own self, acceptance generates the sense of oneness  among the various living as well as non living elements of the universe. This feeling of one being connected with everything around it takes off a lot of  load , stress off one’s shoulders of  being individually responsible for sustaining one’s existence.

Yoga can guide you to be in Present

Ashtanga yoga is specifically structured to transform the mind for the better via working on the body, body being the material projection of the mind itself. Most of the Yoga techniques when practiced regularly work on the mind through the body.

Yoga for inculcating acceptance

A yoga asana is designed to alternately stress as well as relax a particular body tissue, the muscle. The muscles are the receptors of the nerve endings extending from the nervous system. At any given point of time the state of the nervous system mirrors the state of the mind; the resting place of the mind, the brain, extends  itself downwards in the body as the spinal cord which further penetrate every nook and corner by continuously dividing itself further as nerves.

When a particular muscles is contracted and then relaxed, as in Yoga asanas,  the nerve endings resting on this muscles relay this relaxed sensation upward to the brain via the spinal cord, relaxing the mind in the process. Similarly Yoga pranayamas work by balancing the Prana, bio motor energy, in the  physical body via the nervous system only.

The benefits of pranayamas for inducing acceptance can be enhanced by practicing them with intention; Inhaling with the intention of inhaling all that is positive in the universe and exhale all that is negative within oneself.

A balanced prana leads to a calmer and steadier mind.  A steadier mind induces acceptance. It is also known as the yoga for inner acceptance, or the yoga for self acceptance, because acceptance begins with first accepting the self as it is. One can accept the reality of the world around only when one has accepted one’s own self. Thus these two work in tandem.  An irritable behavior is the indication of non acceptance of the self which has lead to the non acceptance of the universe around it.

The yoga regime given here can be taken as the yoga steps for inducing acceptance in oneself. Our students in our Yoga classes have found these techniques life transforming after  they have practiced them diligently over a period of time. We also observe certain precautions and systems at our yoga classes which helps enhance the benefits of the yoga sessions. 

The Positivity which is generated  just by being more accepting, or practicing acceptance, breaks the shackles of the negative thoughts which had kept one tied to the abysmal depths  till then, and catapults  one in the direction of spiritual and personal advancement  with a force of unfathomable proportions.


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