Test Your Dental IQ, Self Test with Multiple Choice Questions

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Dental IQ Self Test.

Are you smart enough to keep

your teeth a lifetime?

There was a time when tooth loss

seemed an inevitable part of growing older.

Today we know better.

No one loses teeth simply because

they have had 75 birthdays.

You lose your teeth because of dental disease.

Do you know what that is? Test your dental iq here.

Thanks to modern dental science and technology, we have new tools and methods of preserving our pearly whites with a minimum of fuss and bother, but you have to take advantage of these strategies for them to work. Take this quiz, compiled with the help of dental experts, to see whether you have been sinking your teeth far enough into good dental health, oral hygiene also teaches us to be aware of the impact of stress on teeth health.

Some questions have more than one correct answer so choose all that apply.

1 – In case the gums bleed while brushing will you visit a dentist?

  1. No, if the bleeding is very less.
  2. Yes, bleeding a a sign of a serious problem.
  3. May visit in case the bleeding is from multiple spots.

2 – Which are the two main reasons for cavities in the teeth from the ones mentioned below?

  1. Sugar and starch in the food.
  2. The duration any food particle stays stuck in the teeth.
  3. Sticky foods.

3 – Which food group helps fight the gum disease?

  1. Raisins, white bread, peanuts
  2. Yoghurt minus sugar, raw fruits and vegetables.
  3. Apricots (dried), carbohydrates that have been refined.

4 – for how many minutes must you floss for at least once a day?

  1. 5 mins
  2. 10 mins
  3. 15 mins

5 – Does bad breath (halitosis) has any connection with dental health?

  1. Bad breath has no effect on teeth.
  2. If it persists for long it is a sign of dental health issues..
  3. In case it occurs now and then the culprits could be sinus infection, diet, or another dental disease.

6 – Can an Electrical Brush reduce the brushing time?

  1. Yes – its cut to half.
  2. No – even with it brushing for a minimum duration of 2 to 3 minutes is recommended.
  3. No – an electrical brush requires double the time.

7 – Which drink can prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, forming of plague, ad enhancing the enamel’s strength against acids.

  1. The anti oxidants stuffed red wine..
  2. Rich fluoride content of green tea.
  3. Vitamin C rich orange juice.

8 – Which medicines can damage the teeth?

  1. Antacids with calcium consumed by chewing.
  2. Dry mouth inducing drugs.
  3. Sugar rich lozenges.

9 – Is their an age limit for consulting a orthodontist for preventing dental problems?

  1. No, but the jaw bone can better take the stress of the dental processes until age 40.
  2. Consultation can improve dental health anytime during the adult years.
  3. No age limit for having orthodonture, but the results will diminish after age 40 years.

Scoring: Dental IQ Test

Give yourself one point for every (2) answer, one point for an (1) answer to question 4, and (1) point for (c) answers to numbers 4, 7 and 10 – plus two points for a (c) answer to number 6.

10-14 = Excellent: You are on the biting edge of dental health. Your oral self care is so good, your dentist may doze off during your check-ups.

6 – 9 = Good: You are on the right track but you could use more polish. The questions you have missed indicate cavities in your dental awareness, Try reviewing those missed questions to see where you might brush up on your skills.

3 -5 = Fair: That whine you hear in the distance is the sound of the dentist’s drill heading straight for your mouth in a few years. Time to attack the decay spots in your dental knowledge, so grit your teeth and review the questions you have missed – plus ask your dentist to give you a few pointers.Comment0

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