How well do You Know your Brain, Multiple Choice Questionnaire

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Physical and Anatomical aspects –

Do you Know your brain?

1) What is the appropriate weight

of an adult brain?

a. 500 gms.

b. 1.5 Kgs.

c. 3 Kgs.

d. 4 Kgs.

2) What consistency is the brain in actual life?

a. Gelatinious

b. Semi-liquid

c. Clay-like

d. Waxy

Know your brain test

3) What fraction of the total amount of blood provided by the heart does the brain require to function?

a. just 2 percent

b. 5 percent

c. 10 percent

d. 20 percent

4) Though the brain is the seat of all pain, it by itself has no pain sensation.

a. True

b. False

5) The simplest unit of the brain is the

a. Grey cell

b. Nerve cell

c. Brain cell

d. Synapse

6) How is the simplest unit of brain different from other simple units of, say the liver, blood or skin.

a. They are able to multiply rapidly

b. They are unable to reproduce

c. They consume massive amount of energy

7) Just like kidneys or the lungs, the brain too is paired?

a. True

b. False

8) What is the fainting attack indicative of?

a. Toxins in the brain

b. Decreased oxygen to the brain

c. Electrical short circuit in the brain

d. Severe trauma to the brain

9) What is the material cushioning the brain?

a. Fat

b. Blood

c. Muscle

d. A watery liquid

10 ) Why is the brain often referred to as grey matter?

a. It actually is grey

b. It is just a saying

c. Science is still in the grey about the brain

11) The chief artery carrying blood to the brain is th

a. Brain artery

b. Carotid artery

c. Aorta

12) The chief vein carrying blood from the brain is the

a. Brain vein

b. Superior vena cava

c. Jugular vein

13) The most important controller of the body’s endocrine system is a part of the brain that hangs below it?

a. The thymus gland

b. The pituitary gland

c. The adrenal gland

14) The brain’s control over the body is basically crossed ( that is the right brain controls the left part of the body).

a. True

b. false

15) Stroke (paralysis) has it’s origin in the brain. What event precipitates it?

a. Brain death at some point

b. Trauma at some point

c. Blood obstruction at some point

d. Extrusion of blood at some point

16) A newborn’s brain is very small as compared to an adult’s. How is it able to grow inside the rigid skull, it’s bony covering?

a. The skull also grows with age

b. The individual skull parts are not completely fused at birth

c. The brain pushes at the skull bones

d. A new born has no skull, just cartilage

Answers – Do you know your Brain?

1) b

2) a

3) d Weight wise the brain just makes 2 percent of the body weight.

4) a Hence brain surgery itself is painless. But the approach to the brain (skin, bone) causes pain.

5) b A nerve cell or a neuron is made up of a body, a filament – the axon, legs – the dendrites. Neurons are not in direct connection with each other. There is a ‘chemical’ gap in between them from which the message jumps like a spark. The gap is called a synapse.

6) b A dead nerve cell si dead for ever. Other cells usually regenerate.

7) a but not in the truest sense. It has right and left halves which have grossly different functions. left is active in physical activity, logic while right is involved in abstract reasoning, or spatial judgments.

8) b

9) d Called CSF – Cerebro spinal Fluid

10) a The outer part of the brain (the cortex) is indeed grey.

11) b Often, doctors check pulsations in these arteries on both sides of the neck.

12) c Again, this is often on both sides of the neck

13) b

14) a Paralysis of right half of the body indicates damage in the left half of the brain.

15) c Technically it is called a CVA – Cerebra Vascular Accident – blood clot leading to obstruction of blood flow at some point.

16) b Hence leaving scope for expansion.

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