How Well Do you Know Your Lungs?

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Do you know your lungs test:

1) Which of the two lungs is larger?

a. The right lung

b. The left lung

2) What Color are the lungs of a

healthy adult?

a. Pink

b. Black

c. Brown

d. Slate grey

3) What exactly is the function of the lungs?

a. To replace carbon dioxide in the blood with oxygen

b. To purify blood

c. To purify blood and change blood color

d. To replace all wastes in the blood

4) Inspiration and expiration are basically caused by

Lungs Knowledge test

a. The lung itself

b. The chest cavity

c. The nervous system

5) Structurally the lungs are

a. Hollow bags

b. Bags with three to four partitions

c. Sponge like structures

d. Just a maze of pipes and blood vessels

6) Under which kind of control are the lungs?

a. Autonomic

b. Voluntary

c. Both autonomic and voluntary

7) Where does the pure oxygenated blood from the lungs go to?

a. To the brain

b. back to the heart

c. It directly enters the circulation

8) External examination of the lungs is done with a stethoscope. What is used to examine them internally?

a. A lung endoscope

b. A bronchoscope

c. A radioscope

d. A fiberoptic scope

9) A surgeon who specializes in lung problems is known as:

a. A cardiothoracic surgeon

b. A lung surgeon

c. A chest surgeon

d. A respiratory surgeon

10 ) Yawning has a lot to do with lungs. What exactly?

a. It is an indication from the lungs that they are tired

b. It is in the nature of a forced and deep inspiration followed by a rapid expiration

c. It is a routine exercise engaged in by the lungs at the time a person is feeling sleepy

11) What does smoking do to the lungs?

a. The lungs loose their elasticity

b. The area where carbon dioxide – oxygen exchange takes place, decreases

c. It destroys the inner coating (the mucus membrane) of the air passage

d. It may lead to cancerous changes

All of the above

12) Which is the best form of breathing?

a. Oral breathing

b. Rapid breathing

c. Deep breathing

d. Breathing with long pauses

13) Healthy lung tissue is

a. Clearly visible in a chest X-ray

b. Not visible in a chest X-ray

c. Visible only in a special chest X-ray

d. Faintly visible in a chest X-ray

14) The difference between the amount of air we breathe in and out in one resting breath and that in a forced inspiration and expiration might come as a shock to you. What would be the approximate ratio?

a. 1 to 2

b. 1 to 4

c. 1 to 8

d. 1 to 10

15) Which of the following sayings is true?

a. If you are not aware that you have lungs, you are in trouble

b. If you are aware that you have lungs, you are already in trouble

c. When in trouble, be aware of your breathing

d. All of the above

Answers – Do you know your Lungs?

  1. a The right lung has three lobes, compared to the left’s two.
  2. d Pink in childhood, the lungs turn slate grey because of pollution.
  3. a The change in color is coincident
  4. b The lungs have no muscles of their own. It is the expansion and collapse of the chest cavity (ribs) that causes inhalation and exhalation respectively.
  5. c
  6. c With the autonomic over- riding the voluntary in crisis states
  7. b It goes to the left side of the heart which pumps it into the general circulation
  8. b
  9. a
  10. b The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood triggers off a yawn. (This usually occurs at bedtime)
  11. e
  12. c Or abdominal breathing
  13. d It is abnormalities like TB, Pneumonia, cancer etc. which can be picked up on X-rays as they appear radio opaque. The normal lung is a soft tissue filled with air, hence it is only faintly visible
  14. c 500 ml in rest and about 4 litres in forced breathing.
  15. b

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