How to Remove Stretch marks? Post Natal Yoga Poses for Stretch Marks

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Yoga for removing and Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are the lesion marks or stripped pattern like marks on certain areas of the body.

These marks are red or purplish in color to begin with, but as the time pass they turn off whitish to pigment less  in appearance. Yoga for removing stretch marks help erase these lesions.

Stretch marks are also known as straie ( straie rubra when the color is red, and straie alba as the pigmentation is lost with time) and are known to affect the areas in the body which have high fat deposits like the belly,  breasts, back, thighs, and hips. 

These scars depict the rupturing of the middle layer of the skin – dermis-,  and the lower layer called epidermis which provide form and structure to the skin, due to sudden stretching or shrinking of an area of the skin.  Initially they appear a bit raised above the neutral surface of the skin but slowly steely as depressed streaks in the texture of the skin.  

The sudden stretching of the skin can happen as the physical growth shoots ( hormonal influence) in puberty, or the enlarging of the abdomen due to the expanding uterus  in pregnancy, or  sudden weight gain or loss due to any reason.

Sometime sports like heavy weight lifting can also stretch certain sections of the more than covering the rest of the body leaving streaks like marks on the stretched area. These marks are also known as straie atrophicans as they tend to atrophy (decline) over the period of time. 

The impact of the sudden stretch on the skin tears of the collagen, and the elastin which form the dermis – middle layer of the skin.  Collagen and elastin keep the skin firm, special cells called fibroblast produce these two fibers in the skin. Sometimes the increase in the level of cortisone in the body prevents the fibroblasts from producing collagen, and elastin which renders the skin loose, and wrinkled in appearance.  

Stretch marks are mostly permanent scars which fade a little bit with time. These scars are not a threat to the general health of the bearer, but can cause anxiety and concern due to the involvement of the aesthetic angle to the problem.  Stretch marks seem to affect more of women than men.   In case one applies corticosteroids externally for long, as prescribed for some other medical condition, can also cause stretch marks on the area   it is applied to.  

Genetic disposition can play a role in having the propensity towards acquiring stretch marks.  The stretch marks appear more prominent on dry skin, thus keeping the skin hydrated diminish their appearance on the affected area. 

Erase the stretch marks with Yoga

How to get rid of Stretch Marks

Yoga for removing stretch marks benefit by improving the overall circulation of blood, better utilization of the oxygen inhaled, and  better absorption of the nutrients from the food which is ingested, all the three factors contribute to  speeding up  the cell repair process in the body, skin being one of the. 

Thus yoga can help heal the torn collagen, elastin fiber in the skin, or enhance the tearing threshold of these fiber which prevents the formation of the stretch marks.  Apart from speeding up  cell repair capacity in the skin it also provides a push to the cell regeneration process,  new cells  replace the worn out one’s much faster which does away with the scars of the stretch marks.  

Yoga exercises to reduce stretch marks  tones up ,and strengthen the  fibers which weave the middle, and lower layers of the skin,  a stronger skin is in a better position to bear the brunt of a sudden expansion due to growth of body tissue or weight gain than the fragile skin which is predisposed to tearing into stretch marks on  the slightest pull.

Stretch marks treatment with yoga pranayama is one of the most effective most effective modes to maintain the health of the skin, pranayama’s improves the elasticity of the skin by flushing it with oxygen and nutrient rich blood.  Trikon group of asanas  are the best yoga poses  to aid with stretch mark removal as  these postures encourage lateral stretching or the body which helps reduce weight faster after pregnancy.  

The skin cells collapse back into a more tightly packed skin structure which makes the stretch marks appear closed zipped along their length.   Moreover yoga for clear skin benefits by preventing the formation of the stretch scars by reducing the possibility of any rapid, sudden weight gain as it pushes the body to always stay in its optimal weight. 

Yoga for removing stretch marks  is beneficial as it tones, hydrates and livens up the muscles, located under the skin, of the entire body; the tone in the underlying muscles provide a strong and pliable base to the skin which help resist any forces that tend to deform its structure.

Yoga for erasing Stretch Marks


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