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Yoga therapy for the lower back pain,   Yoga asanas pranayamas which benefit the lower back pain, Yoga for Lumbago

Yoga for Lower Back pain Relief, Back pain treatment at Home

Lower Back pain explained

More than 50% of the prospective clients who enquire about my yoga practice sessions mention lower back as one of the reasons they are looking for a yoga class.  Same figures exist in my running classes, lower back pain is one of the commonest of modern age afflictions.  The lower back region where this pain is generally experienced is the five vertebrae of the lumbar spine, the lumbar spine alone bears the weight of the upper body as it is the only narrow bony connect between the larger upper, and lower  body skeletal structures.  The lack of any other vertically running bony support in the horizontal plane to the lumbar spine makes way for bending the upper body , in different directions to, in relation to the lower body. Only, and only this region of the spine can  reach extreme flexion, and extension along with being able to twist and bend  laterally.  On the contrary the  presence of the rib cage, as an addition bony support, at the thoracic spine limits its ability to bend , or twist as the lumber spine.  The presence of  high mobility in the lumbar spine facilitates a number of movements which are crucial for carrying out  one’s daily activities: sitting, lying down, standing up from a sitting position,  picking up things from the ground,   Reaching out to things and spaces etc.

Since the lumbar spine helps carry out so many body movements it is more prone to wear and tear than any other part of the spine.  Disc degeneration,  spinal stenosis, vertebral degeneration  in the lumbar spine are the main causes which lead to pain in the lower back.  Strains, and sprains caused due to wrong posture, or injury are among the common causes of pain in the lower spine.  Arthritis, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, and spondylosis  along with the presence of tumor,  infections, or  a diseased kidney have also been found to contribute to the feeling of discomfort in the lower back region.  People past 30 years of age, obesity, pregnancy, and  wrong postures can increase the chances of getting lower back pain. Professionals whose jobs involve lifting heavy weights or  extreme twisting of the spine,  and school kids who carry  heavy  school bags on their backs are also easy targets for the pain in the lumber spine.  Interestingly, emotions have also been found to  contribute to the incidents of lower back pain. A majority of the people inflicted with pain in the lower spine  have emotional problems.  Feeling of overburdened with responsibilities,  lack of self-esteem , or confidence,  remnants of unfulfilled desires are all known to settle down in the lower back regions the presence of which is experienced as  physical pain.

Yoga for Lower Back pain

The yoga asana for lower back pain relief if practiced by holding the position for long impart strength to the skeletal muscles and the supporting ligaments of the lower back region. A stronger lower back can easily handle the strain of day to day movements which help prevent the lower back pain.  These yoga poses are built around activating the muscle groups which are responsible for the strength in the lower back.  The yoga for lower back pain guide on which directions to stretch these muscles before holding them for the added strength.  A lot of yoga asana involve bending, or extending the spine at the lower back region,  all these asana  keep the related muscles toned and healthy which prevent the possibility of pain in the lower spine.  Yoga poses to relieve lower back pain also strengthen the abdominal front muscles which  work with the spinal muscles to keep the torso upright in a correct posture while the body   bends forwards, backward , or sideways during the course of the day.  Majority of the times  holding the spine the wrong way – wrong posture-  while making the natural movements  of the body at the lower spine  causes lower back pain.

Over stressed lower back muscles can carry tension in the form of pain, the yoga for lower back pain  benefit by stretching these muscles which evaporates the stress trapped within its fibers .  Moreover a tensed up muscle is more prone to minor strains, and sprains than a relaxed muscle. Thus yoga helps keep the muscles of the lower back in a relaxed state which prevents pain which can erupt from sudden movements in the lower back region. Back pain exercises stimulates the production of   bone mass of the vertebrae  by applying isometric pressure on the spine. Yoga prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis which help maintain the overall health of the vertebrae.   One can experience back pain relief as the back exercises trains the spine to maintain its natural curves, the vertebrae of the spine are  at least possible tension when the spine is held in its naturally curving S shape. Yoga is the best form of lower back pain treatment at home because it  can be done without the aid of any equipment.  Yoga for lower back pain also makes one aware of how one carries one’s posture in day to day dealings, yoga for better posture helps understand the dangers of an incorrect posture as well as  motivates one to rectify the postural defects if any are present.

In a majority of cases lower back pain can be easily diffused by knowing the  attributes of a correct standing posture

Yoga exercises for Lower Back Pain

Ardhmatsyendra Asana






Warrior Pose 2