Yoga Techniques for Kidney Health, Poses to Reduce Creatinine level

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Kidneys health with yoga poses:

How to achieve kidney health with Yoga Poses? Functionally, kidneys are the sewerage treatment plant of the chemical factory known as human body.

Kidneys are fist sized, bean shaped organs which are placed on both sides of the spinal column, in the middle back region. The primary function of kidneys is to detoxify the body, by filtering and then expelling the liquid waste, toxins, urea, and the excess salts out of the body.  

Kidneys can also affect the pressure of the blood flowing through the body.  A minimum threshold blood pressure is necessary for filtration function of the kidneys to happen; anything below   would impair this function leading to the toxins circulating back to the other organs via blood. 

In case the blood pressure drops due to any reason the kidneys can release a protein in the blood called angiotensin which spikes the blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels along with activating the retention of sodium and water in the body.  Another hormone erythropoietin is released by the kidneys in the event of blood with decreased amount of oxygen reaching the kidneys. 

This hormone signals the bone marrow for producing red blood cells enriched with extra oxygen.  Kidneys are also responsible for maintaining a constant level of water inside the body for it to function optimally.

Kidneys are more like two sieves we use in the kitchen, more sensitive and fragile though, for filtering various liquids.  If not cared about properly, kidneys have been known to malfunction leading to disorders like chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, polycystic kidney disease, Glomerulonephritis, and kidney stones.  If not treated in time these can lead to a fatal complete kidney failure.

Kidney Problems and Yoga

Realizing the possible serious consequences of kidney disorders one is compelled to think about how to keep the kidneys healthy in a natural way, or how to make the kidneys strong.  Yoga for kidney disease takes care of the high blood pressure and diabetes, the two major causes for kidney malfunction, by inducing relaxation via triggering the parasympathetic nervous system within the body. 

This can be achieved either by inventive ways to relax or proper yoga relaxation techniques.  Relaxed blood vessels  expand in volume which lowers the blood pressure to normal; as high blood pressure  ( hypertension) damages the glomeruli ( bunch of  blood vessel endings where the filtration takes place) reducing the quality of the filtrate which has to circulate back to the systems of the body.  

Thus Yoga asanas that benefit  Diabetes and Yoga asanas that benefit  Hypertension positively impact the  functioning  of the kidneys .

Excessive use of painkillers and antibiotic drugs can also damage the kidneys due to chemical abrasion. 

Kidney Health with Yoga Poses, asanas for reducing creatinine levels.

Yoga for Kidney boosts  the overall  immune system which  prevents any kind of urinary tract infection one of the major causes of total Kidney failure. Thus practicing yoga for urogenital health prevents any damage to the kidneys related to these infections. 

The main impact of all Yoga techniques on the body systems is that it nudges them back into their natural healthy mode, they are meant to be in.  By re-establishing a strong mind—body connection yoga asanas, if done by following the proper guidelines for doing asana, have been found to reinforce positive vibrations within the mind by way of strengthening the nervous system. 

The vibrations of the atoms within individual cells are forced to resonate with the frequency of these positive vibrations so generated reverting them back to the healthy state.  Yoga techniques that are beneficial to the health of the kidneys form an important part of the curriculum of our Yoga classes at Shahzadpur farm Yoga.

As per the Yoga Philosophy the kidneys are under the influence of the navel plexus or the Manipura chakra.  Externally the state of the health of the kidneys is reflected in the level of enthusiasm, self-esteem and courage one experiences within one self.  

Kidneys get squeezed of  any  residual toxins or impurities by the thrust applied through the yoga asanas which involve abdominal twisting.  Fresh oxygenated blood gushes back into the expanding space within the kidneys on the release of this twisted thrust.  Yoga pranayamas and breathing exercises work by generating a pulsating movement in the navel region which gets transferred to the kidneys situated right behind it, activating them in the process.

Yoga Poses to improve Kidney Health






Agnisara Kriya

Intense Three limb Stretch

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