Fertility yoga poses, Yoga exercises for Conceiving

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Yoga poses for fertility:

Fertility is the quotient of reproducing, or the degree of the readiness of the body to generate offspring.

Fertility facilitates reproduction; it is not the process of reproduction. On the other hand infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive.

The symptoms of infertility are nothing but the couple’s inability to beget a pregnancy. Yoga poses for fertility reverses this inability and help the couple conceive.

There are no other obvious symptoms of fertility, you cannot look at a man or a woman and make out whether they are fertile or not.  Menstrual issue sin women, and may be an alteration in the hair growth can sometimes be the reason behind one being infertile.  

Someone who is above 40 years by age, experiences irregular periods (for women), have had miscarriages for a few times, have been treated for cancer, sperm count is low (man),   has a family history on infertility are thought as more likely cases for infertility.

The study of fertility concentrates more on the hormonal and sexual secretions related to of both the sexes.  For pregnancy to take place the sequence of events, processes which make the egg mature and be released in the fallopian tube must happen in all perfection.

Same way the process of production of the sperm and its release within the female body for fertilization needs to be well supported by the timely production, release of certain hormones within the body of the male partner.  Anything that can disrupt   these processes will cause infertility.

In males sometimes the testicles do not descend adequately, they can have diabetes, certain   infections which affect the sexual health like chlamydia, HIV, or can have enlarged testicular veins. 

All these can reduce the quality of the sperm being produced.   Certain problems like blockage in the path through which the sperm is delivered;   presence of cysts within this path can lead to infertility.  Exposures to certain harmful chemicals and radiations, alcohol, smoking, certain medications can all kill one’s ability to reproduce.   

Persistent exposure of testicles to high temperatures (production of healthy sperm requires temperature lower than normal body temperature) can cause male infertility. Females can suffer from hormonal disorders which cause cysts, or overactive milk glands, or irregular menstrual cycle which can dip the chances of conceiving.  

Physiological abnormalities of the reproductive organs, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, and presence of fibroids in the uterus can all cause infertility issues in females, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and being underweight are the other contributory factors.  Often  it is  not a single factor, but multiple factors which are responsible for one being infertile.

Yoga therapy for  fertility

Yoga poses for Conceiving

Yoga poses to boost fertility benefit by reducing the overall stress factor of the body, females with fertility issues have been found to suffer from stress related conditions like anxiety and  depression.  Stress also throws the coordinated functioning of the endocrine system out of gear leading to interruptions in the sequence of production of the sperms in males, and ovum in females. 

Endocrine system is rather the first causality of  a stressed mind, the function of the  glands  which secrete the hormones for producing reproductive fluids  need to be coordinated with the  reproductive organs of the body via an efficient nervous system which loses its alacrity under the load of stress.  

It has been scientifically found that cortisol, the stress hormone, has a negative relationship with the reproducing ability of a female as it interferes with the process of ovulation.  Fertility yoga poses help improve the circulation of blood to the reproductive organs which boosts the health of the reproductive cells in both the sexes.   

Yoga exercises for conceiving  regulate the production of reproductive or sexual hormones in the body  of women which keeps the reproductive cycle on track within them.  Yoga reintroduces one with one’s body,  fertility yoga poses induce body awareness and love for one’s body which is very crucial for keeping the body ready for  starting new life.  

Pregnancy yoga exercises have been found to lift the mood of the practitioner. A positive mind helps keep the body positive, or free of any emotional, or mental toxins which  has a positive effect on the reproductive health of the practitioner.  Yoga is the best form of infertility treatment at home as the inversion asana which form the part of infertility treatment drain any stagnant  venal blood, or other fluids from the reproductive  organs which helps rejuvenate their functions with renewed vigor which comes from the fresh blood supply to these areas. 

Yoga for fertility treatment in male  stretches the muscles and ligaments, nerves, and muscles around the pelvic area; this increases the flexibility of the region around the generative organs which now receive free  flow of the cosmic energy, prana,  as stiffness in any area is an indication of the blocked prana there, and flexibility indicates unhindered  flow of the cosmic energy. 

Fertility yoga poses

Ardhmatsyendra Asana

Warrior Pose 2

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