Yoga Techniques for Period Pain Cure,  Period Cramps Relief 

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Yoga for period  pain –

Just like pain in other parts of the body, primary dysmenorrhea, or period pain is a subjective symptom.

 The level of pain during menstruation can be graded from mild to severe, depending upon the pain endurance levels of different women. Yoga for period pain provides relief from this discomfort. 

The period cramps usually begin a few hours or a day before the menstrual blood appears, and are the most intense on the first day, it gradually fades in intensity after that. Some women report the feeling of nausea and vomiting accompanying period cramps.  

The pain is intermittent, and is experienced in the lower abdomen, sometimes in thighs as well.  Lower backache may also be accompanied by the symptoms of period pain.

Menstrual pain is a psychosomatic problem which has its roots in the over sensitive nature of the females who are afflicted with it. A lot of times anxiety neurosis is present with the condition of menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea. 

Females who were wrongly instructed on the possibility of the pain during the periods have high chances of carrying the fear for the same which actually manifests as a progressively intense experience of the related symptoms. 

As per some studies menstrual or period cramps are more prevalent in younger females, its instances reduce as the female ages. The menstrual pain has been majorly attributed to lack of exercise and bad eating habits.

The medical explanation to the menstrual cramps is that the uterine wall secretes a concoction of hormones called prostaglandins which are responsible for dismantling the walls of the uterus for  expelling its components as the menstrual fluid as a stage of  the monthly cycle. 

Any excessive release of these hormones cause the uterus to contract more intensely while shedding the uterine wall which is experienced as the pain in the lower abdomen.

 Reduce Period Pain with Asana

Yoga for menstrual disorder works at two levels; mental and the physical.  As  any congestion in the pelvic region can lead to period cramps having a sattvic diet which is easy on the digestive system helps keep constipation at bay.  

The female with the history of period cramps should switch to high fiber diet rich in  raw fruits and vegetables  a day  or two prior to the due date of the external appearance of blood due to periods. A regular practice of yoga poses for relieving period pain  and the related pranayamas when done with proper awareness helps steady the mind along with benefiting the body at multiple levels.

Yoga therapy for period pain

Yoga for period pain stimulates fresh blood circulation in the abdominal region which help to relieve menstrual pain.  The yoga asanas  which cause any discomfort  during the periods must be avoided, especially the ones  which are contraindicated in menstruation.  

We need to understand that period pain occurs in healthy women and thus it should not be considered as any malady or a disease.  Yoga for menstruation is strongly advocated as it provides ways of alleviating over anxiety and over indulgence of any kind, these two being the main causes of painful periods. Regular practice of Yoga for curing anxiety can definetly help in this direction.

 Amazing results have been obtained just by eliminating the fear of period cramps.  To do that one must not stop attending to normal day to day activities like going to college or school, or attending office as doing so will bring the focus on the pain and the associated discomfort which can accentuate the symptoms.  

Pain relieving techniques like diverting the mind to some creative activities during this period can help experiencing lesser discomfort.  The yogic practice of Tapa helps raise one’s threshold for pain.

One must be wary of any emotional stress and always inculcate positive thinking as mind plays a major role in how the body manifests or experiences pain in its different areas.  Practicing yoga regularly helps with changing one’s perspective on life from negative to the positive; it also builds up one’s confidence and self-esteem levels which are crucial to facing mental challenges like fear of pain.  

Positivity is a natural sedative and a pain killer to which one must get addicted to in a positive way. One must replace any medications which only provide one with some momentary relief from pain with positive thinking, as the medications being loaded with harmful chemicals can injure the very sensitive organs of our body like the kidneys.

How to reduce period pain with yoga? The relief in period cramps is a natural outcome of the yoga for menstruation. This happens naturally because yoga poses and pranayamas increase the quality and the quantity of fresh oxygen in the practitioner’s muscles. 

Another benefit of yoga to menstruation pain is by the way of enhanced release of endorphins into the bloodstream which elevate the mood, and work as a natural sedative on the pangs emanating from the abnormal uterine contractions. Yoga exercises on the other hand improve the quality of sleep which comes as a great relief for someone experiencing physical pain during the periods.

Poses for Menstrual pain

Ardhmatsyendra Asana

Adhomukhasvan Asana











Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana

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