Yoga Poses to Cure Depression, Depressive Disorder Exercises

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Yoga for Depression:

As per the English dictionary, the word depression also has a second meaning, other than the one with psychological implications:

A feeling of low relative to the surrounding high, or a part of the high that has sunk low.

In any living being the force of the prana circulating within should be strong enough (optimal), to be able to hold all the vital biological functions as a unit, or sustain its existence.  Yoga for depression re-boosts the dip in prana circulation in case takes place.

The intensity of the mood, enthusiasm in the mind of the being is the indicator of the quality, force, or health of the prana flowing within it. The mind is nothing but a collection of individual units of energy, prana, commonly known as thoughts.  Depression is a term given to the state where due to some reasons the enthusiasm or the mood of the mind falls short of energy needed to keep it at the optimal level dunking it lower than its normal mark.

It is still unknown whether the depressing of the state of mind causes the drop in the levels of the associated prana or vice versa.  Whatever triggers it the symptoms of depression are mostly common across individuals. There is a high chance that someone is inflicted with depression – in the psychological sense- if he/she stays persistently sad, awake at night, restless, tired over a period of a few months.  

Tendency to inflict self-harm, inability to stay focused on anything, feeling of low self-worth, weight loss without a clear reason, and loss of interest in sexual pleasures are other indicators of the person being clinically depressed.

What can possibly make one depressed?

There is never just one cause which can push the mind in low gear in general. Normally it’s the combination of a number of factors present within an individual. The intensity of depression which dawns upon a certain individual is directly proportional to the combination of some of these factors present at the same time: a certain combination can lead to more intense feelings of depression, and other combinations can be considered as mild.

Genetics, social, mental strength, and any reason that causes the change in the levels of the transmission of signals across the relay of nerves, and other biological considerations have been found to be responsible for triggering depressive symptoms in an individual in general.  There is a separate list of factors which if present in toto or in various degrees increases the propensity of the individual towards falling down the dark hole of depression.

Mind would be more inclined towards depressed thoughts if one has experienced separation, death of a loved one, stress at work or in personal life, financial difficulties, and prolonged health concerns ( diabetes, Cardiac issues).  

People with any past head injuries, people who were incapable of successfully handling any trauma in the life before, individuals who indulge in excessive abuse of drugs like alcohol and amphetamines are perfect cases for slipping into depression at the fall of a hat.

Yoga to cure  Depression

Out of the various options available today depression treatment with yoga is the most popular with lovers of natural remedies for various maladies wrecking mankind today. Our Yoga classes and Yoga teachers are well versed with the various inflections of this malady along with the customized modes of successfully handling it at any level.  

The high scale of acceptance of this method of treating depression push the afflicted to flock  to various yoga camps  being conducted by the  entities- holding authority on the subject – and receive satisfactory responses to questions like how to overcome depression?, how to fight depression the yoga way?

Treat depression with Yoga

The first thing Yoga to cure depression does is it reduces the punch of the stress by coordinating various stretches with the breathing exercises. Secondly, with yoga, the dip experienced initially in the circulation of the prana within the channels of the body instantaneously gets a boost. 

The yoga movements coordinated with the breath strengthens the mind by working on the body, as both are interconnected. As a result the mind receives the strength and buoyancy to lift itself up along with all the related attributes.

Depression and anxiety are taken care of by the natural increase in the levels of the hormone serotonin triggered by the rhythmic movements of yoga exercises coordinated with the right breathing patterns. Serotonin is associated with the surging of the mood in general and thus helps fight depression. 

The techniques of yoga are generally performed with slow and fluid movements; the lack of the involvement of any violent maneuvers facilitates the emergence of positivity within the mind in contrast to the sense of aggression or competitiveness associated with other physical activities.

 The techniques outlined here include the yoga exercises for depression along with the pranayamas which help increase the relaxation response within the body aiding with reducing the resting heart rate and the blood pressure.  The philosophical angle of yoga describes depression as the feeling of separation of the individual self from the universal self.

Any kind of Yoga by default connects ( yog) the individual mind  to the universal mind  via the channel of prana, this pulls the individual out of the state of depression or the sense of  not being connected with the rest of the universe.  The course of Yoga techniques given here must be adhered to on a regular basis for driving the expected benefits associated with them.

Yoga exercises for Depression

Urdhvamukhasvan Asanas

Ardhmatsyendra Asana

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana

Adhomukhasvan Asana





Jnana Mudra


Bhoochari Mudra

Uddiyana Bandha

Shambhavi Mudra

Utthita Trikonasana

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