Yoga Asanas to fight Fatigue, Pranayama for Energy Boost

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Yoga for Fatigue

Fatigue, is a term given to a combination of factors which manifest as tiredness.

In general the feeling of tiredness is a natural state of body, which is a notification for the body to refuel itself in order to sustain the functioning of its systems, for its survival. Prana, the fuel for the body is expendable in nature, and needs to be replaced after it gets consumed by various functions, activities of the body on daily basis. Yoga for fatigue refuels the body with prana.

The intensity of the feeling of hunger one experiences is directly proportional to the natural need  of  the body’s for prana   for its healthy existence.  Water is naturally infused with  high quality prana which is easiest for  the body to absorb. Other elements of food also possess  prana in various degrees  which the body is capable of extracting via its various functional systems.  Prana  or the universal energy  is imperative to keeping the  body intact in the material world.  

Fatigue is considered a malady if it persists for months together despite of a healthy intake of food  on the  sufferer’s part.   The reason behind this is the disruption of the flow of prana within its designated channels within the body.  Prana travels through the body in the form of usable energy through the network of nerves comprising the nervous system.  

An alert body, radiant face, quick reflexes and fertile mind are the indicators of a healthy nervous system facilitating the healthy flow of prana through it.  Any disruption in this flow induces the connected systems of the body to underperform leading to fatigue.

 Presence of one or a set of factors responsible for causing fatigue determines the intensity of the symptoms , tiredness, irritability, headache, appetite loss, and low motivation to mention some, experienced by the afflicted.

The functions of the mind and quality of the prana in the body are directly linked to each other.  A mind arrested by stress or depression triggers a dip in the healthy flow of the energy throughout the body.

Alcohol  or drug abuse,  grief, separation, divorce,  heart disease, diabetes, iron deficiency,  pregnancy and sleeping disorders are some of the common causes of fatigue.

Yoga for Energy  Boost and for fighting fatigue

Physical activity is a popular form of boosting one’s energy from eons.  Logically one must feel more fatigue after expending energy while doing physical activity, but in reality one feels a fresh gush of energy flowing through the body after a brisk walk or some basic stretches. 

Get rid of Fatigue with Yoga

This is because the stretching of the muscles by way of any physical activity releases the trapped sedentary energy within them adding to the energy available within the body at that point of time.
Yoga asanas to fight fatigue work the same way.  The yoga poses chosen for fighting fatigue are the ones which twists, stretches, and bends  the muscles in ways which enervates the paths of flow of the energy inside the body. 

A lot of energy  remains stored within the body in the form of fat, carbohydrates and  energy trapped within the body tissues due to  blockages in its path due to various reasons, sedentary lifestyle being one of them.  Yoga for energy  unblocks this flow by shaking the related channels out of inertia.
The basic breathing exercises for energy help by unclogging the nadis, nerve channels for the flow of prana , connecting different centres ( nerve plexus or chakra) of energy inside the body facilitating its over all circulation.

Yoga relieves stress and depression by activating the sympathetic nervous system which rejuvenates the body. Yoga asanas that benefit by curing diabetes restore the healthy functioning of the metabolism of glucose which is responsible for daily energy levels in the body.

 Yoga poses for Cardiac issues takes away the unnecessary stress from the circulatory system chiefly responsible for transporting prana extracted from the food one ingests to the last cell within the body.
Yoga for fatigue encompasses a set of Yoga asanas andpPranayamas which rectifies any distortion in the sleep cycle of the indivdual putting the related circadian cycle ( body clock) back on track. The importance of quality sleep for rejuvenating the entire body  is well known to all.

Urdhvamukhasvan Asanas

Ardhmatsyendra Asana

Adhomukhasvan Asana






Ujjayi Pranayama


Uddiyana Bandha

Prithvi Mudra

Trinanga Mukhiakapada Paschimottanasana

Warrior Pose 2

Khechari Mudra

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