Yoga for a Healthy Memory, Yoga for Improving Brain Power

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Yoga for Memory:

Memory is the ability of the human brain to retain information for recalling at a later stage.

The function of memory is not localized in a particular section of the brain; in fact this ability to retain information is spread equally across the physical brain.  Yoga for memory can significantly enhance this vital function of the brain.

A dense network of thread like structures called neurons aid with storing and recalling information; multiple intersection points of neurons from this network work together to construct memory from the experiences gained by the senses. A single memory is stored among these connected neurons in a particular pattern. As per the experts the memory storage capacity of human brain is around a million gigabytes.

Yoga for Sharp Memory

Yoga helps boost memory by increasing the nutrition (vitamins and other nutrients from plants) infused blood supply into all and remotest areas of the brain. This in turn nourishes the neurons. Blood is the fuel to keeping the memory healthy. 

In general, the practice of Yoga, unlike any other physical exercise, increases the blood carrying capacity of the capillaries by keeping them relaxed, which otherwise may remain constricted due to stress or anxiety we face on daily basis. Simple relaxation techniques like Savasana or relaxing with a singling bowl can produce the desired impact on the mind. Yoga for improving concentration and memory is quite emphatic about importance of positivity in the overall health of the being.  

Whatever thoughts we feed the mind with, gets deeply engraved in the nerve patterns which comprise the memory chips inside the mind.  Yoga for sharp memory can help generate new brain cells. But these newly created  brain cells can easily fall prey to the daily stress. Yoga can help one manage stress which can keep the brain cells healthy for long.

Meditation as a part of yoga for improving brain power helps focus the mind on the object of meditation, this actually balances out any emotional upheaval that may be present which in turn improves the functioning of the nerve cells within the brain, especially the area responsible for retaining information. 

Yoga For Memory

Alzheimer’s one of the most dreaded and popular diseases of the brain affects the power of memory is due to a disconnection established at the self, universal and cellular levels within the individual. Yoga is connecting or uniting back whichever aspect was disconnected.  It has been found that if one practices yoga for healthy memory regularly the interconnection patterns of  the autonomic nervous system gets altered. 

Research stands testimony to the fact that practice of yoga over a period of time can alter the behavior  and physiology of the hormones and neurotransmitters  in the brain which gives rise to peace and serenity in the mind.

Mind with yoga has been actually found to become strong enough where any negativity present in the environment doesn’t affect it anymore. Yoga for a healthy memory was found to better enhance the verbal and visual spatial memories of the participants of a study  than the ones who took brain training exercises for enhancing their memories on the same parameters. 

 Physicians today  are often seen chanting the mantra “ improve your memory with yoga” to their patients because yoga for sharp memory strengthens verbal and visual skills along with improving general alertness levels,  Researchers have also found the connection between regular yoga practice and the increase in the number  of connections between the neurons in the brain. 

This happens as yoga has been found to stimulate the production of a brain protein – brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor – which acts as cement for these neuro connections. More the connections among the neurons, higher is the quality of the major aspects of the memory.

Loss of memory has also been attributed to the aging process. But it’s the exposure of the brain cells to the stress generated hormone called cortisol which is responsible for impairing the memory function in elderly.  Yoga for keeping the stress levels low keeps the levels of the cortisol low for all age groups, this protects the memory centers of the brain from its onslaught. 

Yoga in general lays stress on synchronizing the movements with the breath while keeping the attention on the body. This calls for a healthy communication between the mind and the body via the nerve cells linked into chains connecting the two. The more one practices Yoga the stronger these nerve connection become.  

Yoga for sharp memory in a way strengthens these nerve connections which  enables enhanced use of stored information as a frame of reference while interpreting or reacting to the new stimulus received by the senses. Since the mind has already experienced that stimulus before it knows to handle it better in a calmer manner, it will not trigger panic as it would do for a stimulus it doesn’t understand or haven’t experienced before.

Thus  fear and anxiety are handled better leading to a relaxed nervous system which strengthens the memory  handling  areas of the brain.

Yoga for handling anxiety works in tandem with the yoga for enhancing one’s memory for producing the desired results. One can better understand the significance of  steadying the mind while doing yoga if one knows the kind of modifications the mind can be in.

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