Back Pain Relief Exercises, Yoga at home for Backache

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Yoga for Back Pain:

The back side of the human body extents between the back of the shoulders to the point where the hips begin. The spine runs along the same length, though the cervical region of the spine extends into the neck.

The upper back, middle back, and the lower back can experience pain locally due to region specific causes. Yoga for back pain helps effectively heal all these issues.

The pain in the back can originate from a wrongly held spine,  degeneration of the intervertebral discs,  pinched spinal nerves, sprained ligaments around the spine,   pain in the internal organs located within the thoracic and abdominal cavities, and any strain, sprain in the muscles along the length of the entire back. 

Errors in moving the back, or the spine while making certain movements, like lifting something, can also lead to back pain.  Osteoporosis, issues in the kidney, arthritis, sciatica pain and bulging of the disc out of the periphery of the body of the vertebra can also cause back pain.  

The spine which does not maintain its natural curves while standing, sitting, or walking puts unnecessary stress on the associated muscles leading to back pain.   The duration of the back pain may range from a few minutes to days and weeks depending upon the cause.  

The location of the sensation of pain as experienced in the back is generally   difficult to pin point, it may be limited to a specific area in the back, or radiate into the arms or the legs, even into the feet.  One can even experience numbness along with the pain in the back.

Any disease of the aorta, pancreas, gallbladder, or vertebrae ( tumor) can lead to pain in the back.  Emotions also play an indirect role in causing the back pain problem, negative, sad emotions  leave the spine hunched due to the mind and body connection which can lead to painful over strained muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bony parts of the spine.  

The loss of muscle mass with age steals away the strength required to keep the body in a pain free posture, Loss of the mass of the bones also renders the vertebrae vulnerable to minor cracks and fractures even while making normal body movements.  Wrong sleeping habits have also been found to give rise to, or accentuate the already present back pain due to other reasons. 

Back pain usually debilitates one’s ability to use the limbs dexterously while trying to perform the normal functions.  The activities involved in modern living lack backward bending of the spine, the body  remains stooped forward  ( sitting at the desk,  peeping into the phone or the laptop,  working on the kitchen platform,  picking up things from the front )most of the times in a day. 

This keeps the spine under persistent stress, pressure; emergence of the back pain is an indicator of the spine giving way under this negative pressure all the time.

Yoga therapy for Backache,

 Relieve back pain with Yoga

Back pain, in most of the cases is the result of erroneous carriage of one’s body.  Yoga asana for back pain help one improve the posture which relieves the pain in majority of the cases.  Correct posture means holding, carrying the body the way it is meant to be so that there is least pressure on the internal organs for their efficient functioning.  

The musculature of the human body has evolved around the force of gravity.  Any posture that defies this construct cause discomfort in the form of pain.  Yoga for backache rejuvenates the muscle which holds the back by stretching them out.  The yoga poses to alleviate back pain also help by keeping the associated joints (facet joint) well lubricated to reduce pain causing friction to the minimum.  

Back pain relief exercises also involve stretching the abdominal, and leg muscles, these muscles indirectly help support the back. Stretching of the hamstrings diffuses off the pull of the shortened hamstrings on the lower back region which relieves the associated pain.

Yoga exercises for back pain ups the pain threshold of the practitioner; now lesser pain doesn’t’ bother the mind much as it takes higher degree of pain to cause the equivalent discomfort.  This transformation happens as the nervous system strengthens with the regular practice of yoga.  

Yoga exercises for back pain are low impact gentle movements which does away with any possibility of exercise related injuries which can take place in case of violent and jerky movements of the back.  Yoga at home for back pain stretches the spine in all possible directions adding to its flexibility. 

The stretches created in the spine pull the adjoining vertebrae away from each other which relieve the pressure on the blood vessels, and nerves coming out from between them.  A big percentage of back pain cases are the result of the edge of the vertebrae pinching upon the corresponding nerves (sciatica nerve in the lower back) which can radiate the pinch along its entire path into the body.

Exercises for Back Pain

Adhomukhasvan Asana

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