Yoga to increase Height, Activate Pituitary Gland with Yoga

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Yoga for Pituitary Gland:

Before one can understand yoga for pituitary gland, one need to know what this gland is all about.

Pituitary gland is known as the master gland of the endocrine system, because apart from secreting hormones which have their direct application to certain body processes, it also secretes a set of hormones which are meant to regulate the production of hormones of the other glands.  

Pituitary is a small pea sized gland located directly behind the Ajna Chakra – the point between the two eyebrows – in a small recess in the skull right under the brain.  The master gland is composed of two parts; the anterior part and the posterior part. The section of the brain known as hypothalamus controls its activities as it is directly connected to it via blood vessels and a network of nerves.

The posterior part of the pituitary gland is an extension of the brain itself, where as its anterior part is uses blood vessels as a connect to the brain. The pituitary gland receives sensory inputs with regards to the conditions inside the body, in response to which it send signals to the organ systems to manage their functions and maintain an healthy environment within the body.  

The importance of the pituitary gland becomes more clear from the number  vital processes  it affects in the body by secreting  a number of hormones on its own and the one’s it regulate indirectly via  signaling the other glands to do so.

The stress hormone cortisol is not produces at the will of the adrenal glands, rather the message to produce it comes from the pituitary gland via its hormone named adrenocorticotropic hormone.  Growth hormone, hormone for regulating the metabolism in the cells, and the hormone for body composition are directly produced and released into the blood stream b the pituitary gland itself.  

Sexual maturity in both the sexes is also triggered on the release of gonadotropins hormone from the pituitary gland.  The presence of this hormone in the blood is a trigger for the testes and the ovaries to begin producing their respective hormones.

Prolactin is another hormone from the pituitary gland which nudge begins the production of milk in females after child birth.  Thyroid stimulating hormone which kick starts the production of thyroid hormones also comes from the pituitary gland.  

Anti-diuretic hormones and Oxytocin are produces in the hypothalamus but are kept stored in the posterior part of the pituitary gland before they are set off to their target functions.  The production of melanin ,  which imparts color to the skin,  is also regulated from the pituitary gland via the  release of  melanocyte – stimulating hormone from it.

Activate Pituitary Gland with Yoga

The body receives a lot of fresh oxygen and prana through the pranayama for pituitary gland. Pranayama stretches, elongates and releases the respiratory functions in the body. It also stimulates the circulation of blood through the remotest parts of the body. 

Yoga for Pituitary Glands Health

The pituitary gland also cannot remain hidden from these positive changes the body experiences when the pranayama’s for practiced regularly.   As the nerves comprising the nervous system are cleansed by the practice of pranayama the load of stress which was riding on to the nerves is evaporated and relaxation sets in. This combination of relaxed nerves and the enhanced supply of oxygen rich blood add to the health of the pituitary gland.

Practice of pranayama for pituitary gland also helps by balancing the relationship between the master gland and the rest of the brain.  The inverted sanas which form the part of yoga for glands  rushes the blood to the brain in the head low position  which cleanses the pituitary gland off any stagnant  fluids, and rejuvenates the hormones producing cells  located inside the  body of the gland.  

The human growth hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland impacts the metabolism in the cells, growth of the body parts, and body composition. Yoga for pituitary gland, or the yoga to increase height  helps increase the proportion of the growth hormone in the bloodstream.  

The level of growth hormone in the blood is also associated with the cognitive function of the brain, Increase in the levels of the growth hormone improves the cognitive functions like learning and memory.  Perception also comes under cognitive functions of the brain.

Deep relaxation techniques of yoga for repairing pituitary gland help generate and maintain for long the alpha brain waves in the brain which triggers the release of enhanced quantities of the growth hormone into the bloodstream. General relaxation ways can also be incorporated in everyday life which can help keep the Pituitary gland healthy.

Yoga Techniques for Height Increase

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana



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