Yoga Techniques as Thigh Workouts, Poses for Inner Thighs

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Thighs workout with yoga:

Anatomically, the part of the leg

between the hip and the knee

is known as thigh.

 It is the upper region of the lower limbs.

The single longest bone in the human skeleton

called femur runs along the center or core of the thigh.

The upper edge of the femur is shaped like a ball,

as it moves in the socket formed on the side of the pelvis girdle.

Thighs workout with yoga help work the muscles around this bone.

This ball and socket joint is also known as the hip joint. On the lower edge it joins the tibia and the knee cap to form the knee joint which is a hinge joint (can bend in one direction only) functionally.  The femur is covered with the four muscles collectively known as the Quadriceps and one Sartorius muscle on the front side, with three Hamstring muscles at the back and the five muscles on the inner side known as the Adductor muscles or the inner thigh.

Thighs Workout with Yoga

The inner thigh adductor muscles or the groin muscles are the most neglected of all the group of  muscles .  These group of muscles  begin from the  sitting bones  ( Lower pelvis) and some of them end on the inner side of the shin bones.  Adductor muscles are paid serious attention to in sports like horse riding because here these muscles help the rider stabilize themselves against the bumping of the galloping horse.   

Weak adductor are responsible for  not keeping the ankles, knees and hips  aligned directly one above the other  while one attempts any balancing yoga asana in a Yoga Class.  Thus the practitioner wobbles and loses the balance of the whole body. The simplest act of pressing the big toes ( as they are present on the inner side of the foot and thus the leg) firmly on the floor automatically activates and ultimately strengthens the adductor  muscles. 

This reduces the possibility of any  injury to almost all the  joints which bear its weight while in a standing position. The yoga poses for inner thighs are meant to be concentrating on strengthening the adductor muscles.

Leg exercises for inner thighs strengthen the adductor muscles because these are the muscles which enable us to stand on one leg while removing over shoes, or when we squeeze our legs while attempting to wear a tight dress, and when we maneuver our legs while stepping out of a car. 

Work out thighs thorugh Yoga

Yoga asanas to get the thighs  and hips in shape gain more significance as inner thigh strengtheners because  one cannot stand  or walk in a balanced way without the adductors stabilizing out gait. Disparity in the strength of the adductor muscle of both the legs can cause the side of the hip towards the weaker adductors to drop in comparison to the side where the adductors are stronger.

This will beget  pain in the hip and other muscles which will have to work harder to compensate for this imbalance.

Tight Adductors muscles are responsible for lower back pain in many case as they keep the pelvis tilted backwards, as they drag the lower edge of the pelvis forward, which straighten out the natural inward curve in the lumber  spine destabilizing it in the process.  

Thigh workouts as Yoga poses for the inner thighs help stretch and lengthen the  groin muscles which is also crucial for  placing the legs and the pelvis in a comfortable position while sleeping.  Tight inner thighs are not conducive to sound sleep.

Thighs workout with yoga, or yoga to reduce thighs get the fat thighs in shape which has cosmetic value to it. Quadriceps are the important part of the anterior thigh muscle groups.  The strength and the health of the quadriceps determines the healthy functioning of the knee joint. 

The rectus femoris , one of the four muscles which  make up the quadriceps have a important role to play in rotating the hips.  Quads along with other muscles of the thighs  help us run, cycle or  squat.  Leg exercises for reducing thighs  tone up the quadriceps muscles and  consumes off any extra fat around them giving them a learner by strong look. 

Thigh workouts for the Quads make them flexible along with enhancing their range of motion.  Regular  practice of the yoga poses for the thighs benefits by increasing the flow of oxygen rich blood through these group of muscles which adds to their overall health.  Lounging action is a must in the Leg exercises and yoga poses for the thighs  regimes, as these stretches strengthen the Quads of the upper leg and stretch the Quads of the lower leg. 

Quadriceps are crucial to flexing of the knee joint  as well as of the hip joint.   Vastus Medialis, one of the quadriceps makes  walking  possible by stabilizing the knee cap  while one strides the leg during the walk. Healthy, flexible, and strong thigh muscles clutching to the femur from all around makes way for the overall health of  a bipedal primate like man.

Tone the Thighs with these Yoga Poses

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana



Utthita Trikonasana

Warrior Pose 1

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