Eosinophils and Yoga, How to Reduce Eosinophil count with Asana 

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Yoga for Eosinophilia

What is eosinophilia? Eosinophils are one type of white blood cells which are produced in the bone marrow for buttressing up of the strength of the immune system against foreign invasions. 

The job of white blood cells of the immune system is to identify and destroy any disease causing, or otherwise infection causing foreign agents, virus, bacteria, in order to maintain the health of the body.

For achieving this there has to  be an optimal number of the white blood cells present in the blood.  Yoga for eosinophilia does exactly that.

Anything below this number will prove to be  ineffective, and anything higher can  over destroy, even the body’s own tissue along with the foreign bodies which have entered from the external environment.  

Eosinophilia condition is when more than optimal, normal number of eosinophil cells are present in the blood stream giving rise a number of complications.  Basophils, lymphocytes, neutrophils, and monocytes are the other type of white blood cells which form the protective army of the immune system against foreign body invasions.

Eosinophils are different from other white blood cells in the respect that they have a bi lobed nucleus, and have the presence of 200 granules inside the cell body.  

Their main functions within the blood include fending off bacteria , parasites,  destroy cells, take apart in allergic reactions ,  and play a role in  producing inflammation  as a response to foreign bodies.  Over production of eosinophils can cause food allergies, and inflammation in the body’s tissues itself destroying them in the process. 

 A normal count of eosinophil cells is 0-450 eosinophils per cubic millimeter of blood.  Drunkeness , or over production of cortisol can reduce the count of eosinophil cells in the body, the count may reduce to zero sometimes.  Such a condition is known as eosinopenia. 

 When the count of eosinophil cells shoots up to between 500 – 1500 per cubic millimeter of blood it is called as eosinophilia.  Eosinophilia can be caused by certain allergies, asthma, various inflammatory conditions like celiac disease, cancer, parasitic infections, and in reaction to certain medications.  High count of the eosinophils can be present in the blood as well as in the body tissues.

The presence of eosinophilia can give rise to a number of condition in the body: eosinophilic pneumonia; eosinophilic esophagitis; eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis; and valley fever.  Thus eosinophilia is a condition where  the number of a specific type of white blood cells , eosinophils,  shoots up in the blood, or the body tissues which can cause to destroy the healthy body tissue along with the diseased one on account of the presence of too many fighters, eosinophils, against the invading disease agent. 

Yoga cure for Eosinophilia

Cure Eosinophilia with Yoga

Yoga for eosinophilia helps reduce the count of eosinophils in the blood to normal as it provides relaxation to the mind & Body complex. Relaxation has been found to directly stabilize the activities, processes which contribute to the immune system, preventing the spike in the count of eosinophils being one of them.  

Various studies have found that practicing yoga regularly can alter the cells of the body at the genetic level;  one of such  studies has successfully established that  practicing yoga for eosinophilia  can alter the expression of 111 genes in the  while blood cells circulating around the body.  The changed genetic expression helps maintain the count of various white blood cells at normal levels.

Scientists have associated this change to the reduction of the overall stress levels as a result of practicing yoga. Yoga practice for dissipating stres  helps one manage daily stress in an easy and effective way. The combination of eosinophis and yoga has been studied a number of times under different contexts.  

Every time it has been proved that yoga does help control the regulation of the count of the white blood cells within the body.  At time Insophilia & yoga have an indirect relationship with each other, Yoga for better respiration help improve the respiratory health which prevents the allergies responsible for triggering the spike in the count of eosinophils in the tissues of the respiratory system. Thus yoga controls the over production of eosinophils by controlling the factors which may cause eosinophilia.

One of the ways the practice of yoga can prevent infections, inflammations (which may lead to eosinophilia) is that it speeds up the circulation of antibodies – signals from infection causing agents- as well as of the eosinophils which helps track, and destroy the potential disease causing agents much earlier than before. 

This will prevent any undue allergies, or inflammations which can trigger eosinophilia.   Eosinophilia treatment with yoga is also similar to how the body develops fever  to burn the causative agents of disease  , bacteria, virus,  with heat;  the little heat produced within the body due to the practice of yoga helps fight the infections better than otherwise. 

Certain Yoga processes improve the overall immune system , which  reduces pressure on eosinophils, by improving the blood circulation throughout the body,  stimulating the lymphatic system ,and of course by  dissipating stress from the body.

The Yoga processes  given here must be done by first properly understanding the concept of  Asana, along by getting acquainted with the tips on how to increase the benefits of pranayama.

It is recommended that one knows how to choose a yoga teacher and learn the techniques given under him/her, still incase one desires to do them on their own, acquaint oneself with the common mistakes associated with home yoga practice

Yoga for Eosinophilia


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