Hyperthyroidism Treatment by Yoga Poses, Calm the Overactive Thyroid 

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Yoga for Hyperthyroidism?

Before we can discuss yoga for hyperthyroidism let us know more about this condition.

Hyperthyroidism is the name given to the condition where in the thyroid gland goes hyperactive, or overactive. Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland located in the front lower part of the neck region.

Thyroid gland produces two hormones – tetra iodothyronine or T4 &  tri iodothyronine or T3 – which regulate the rate of metabolism inside the cells, metabolism is the term used for the process where the carbohydrates and fats are converted into energy. 

In hyperthyroidism the thyroid gland becomes over active, or begins to produce increased amounts of thyroid hormones which accelerate the rate of metabolism within the cells.  The accelerated rate of metabolism means faster consumption of carbohydrates and fats which would increase appetite and lead to weight loss as the building blocks of the mass of the body are being burnt off at a faster rate.

A number of factors can be responsible for inducing the thyroid to produce excessive amounts of T4, and T3 hormones, autoimmune disorder  also known as Grave’s  disease is one of the commonest of them all.   Here, the immune system on its own begins to produce antibodies which induce the thyroid gland to produce larger amounts of  thyroid hormones.  

Excessive intake of iodine,  and inflammation of the thyroid gland can cause hyperthyroidism. Iodine is the main ingredient of T4 hormone, thus any excessive amounts of iodine if ingested via certain drugs or diet can lead to an over active thyroid gland.  

In certain cases  a section of the thyroid gland separates itself into a benign tumor like lump, this enlarges the size of  gland which is visible as a swelling in the lower part of the neck,  this tumor begins to secrete excessive amounts of T4 hormone leading to the symptoms of an over active thyroid gland. This condition is also known as Plummer’s disease.

Unaccounted weight loss,  increased heart beat rate,  nervousness, anxiety,   enhanced appetite,  sweating, fatigue,  skin itching,  insomnia,  trembling of the hands, swollen eyes, development of the breast in men  are some of the symptoms of a hyperactive thyroid gland.

Calm the Overactive Thyroid with Yoga

Hyperactive thyroid in case treated with western medicine system runs the risk of  being left underactive after the recommended course of the medicines is over.  One must treat an over active thyroid on priority as this condition can have fatal ramifications. If left unattended for too long the increased heart rate can lead to total cardiac failure.

Hyperthyroidism Treatment by Yoga

The excess of thyroid hormones in the blood can eat into the bone mass which may result in osteoporosis.  In its incipient stages hyperthyroidism can be brought under control by simple yoga poses that help calm the mind and the body.  This way one can calm the overactive thyroid with yoga which is the necessity of the hour as anything aggressive will only exacerbate the already overactive parameters of the cardiac system.

Thus in the beginning try out the relaxation techniques for restoring the

hemostasis  between all the body systems.  Attempt hyperthyroidism treatment by practicing inversions, yoga asanas which reverses the force of gravity on the body as it gets into an inverted position. 

All the asanas which involve inverting the body along its vertical axis provides massage to the thyroid gland along with facilitating the flow of blood towards it, a gush of nutrient rich blood acts as a soothing balm on the hyperactivity of the thyroid.  

Stress can spike the functioning of the thyroid gland beyond imagination; presence of mental stress is like stepping on the accelerator for the working of the thyroid. Sometimes accumulated stress can even kill you. Learning to manage day to day stress with yoga can help keep the thyroid functions at the optimal level.  

Yoga asanas for hyperthyroidism help fight  the fatigue which is the result of the exhaustion of the energy resources  of the body due to the over active thyroid as these yoga asanas works for  maintaining a healthy metabolic rate much against what the over active thyroid is bent on doing.  

Exercises for hyperthyroidism incorporate asanas which encourage movement of the neck, the seat of thyroid gland,  in all directions,  which keeps the muscles around it supple and toned, as well as it maintains a healthy supply of blood to the region.

Hatha Yoga for Hyperthyroidism

Ardhmatsyendra Asana


Prithvi Mudra

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