Yoga Exercises to cure Piles, Postures for Hemorrhoids Relief

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Yoga postures for Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles is the name given to the condition where in the veins in or around the anus become swollen or inflamed.

This may lead to itching, pain or bleeding around, or inside the anus. The swollen veins are very similar to varicose veins. Yoga postures for hemorrhoids help relieve these painful swellings.

Hemorrhoids can be classified as internal and external; When the swollen or inflamed blood vessels are present inside the rectum they are known as internal hemorrhoids; and when the inflamed veins are located outside the anus they are known as external hemorrhoids.  The internal hemorrhoids are generally not visible and do not cause much of the symptoms till no straining is used while passing the stools, because if strained the internal piles rupture causing bleeding with pain.  

Sometimes if a lot of pressure is used to push the stools through the rectum an internal pile can prolapse outwards which will need to be manually inserted back into the rectum.

External hemorrhoids are located under the skin around the ring of the anus, anything that irritates these hemorrhoids can cause bright red colored bleeding and pain.  In case the external hemorrhoid is ruptured due to irritation a clot is formed on it which can be very painful.  

Hemorrhoids are indicated in case one sees blood with stools, the anal area is itchy, and swelling is present around the anus,  presence of a lump around the anus which is painful to touch, or discharge of mucous after passing the fecal matter.  Piles can cause pain in the anal area even while one is just sitting. 

Excessive bleeding in piles,  change in the bowel movements, dark colored stools, or the self-treatment effort is rendered ineffective,  presence of these additional symptoms  indicate the possibility of the presence of colon cancer.

Hemorrhoids can be cause by increases in the pressure in the veins around the anal area. These blood vessels which are under pressure can become swollen and thereafter inflamed.  A lot of times this pressure comes from   straining to pass the constipated stools by sitting for long hours on the toilet seat.  

Presence of chronic diarrhea can also be the cause of piles in the anal region. Obesity, ageing, pregnancy, prolonged coughing, sedentary life style, lifting heavy object or family history of piles can make the person more susceptible to developing hemorrhoids.  

Hemorrhoids respond very well to self-treatment at home, surgery may be needed for severe cases. Increasing fiber in the diet, drinking lots of water for keeping the stools soft can do away with the need for straining and the resultant pain associated with it.

Answer the call of nature on time, lose weight, and exercise regularly for getting rid of piles and the discomfort associated with it.

Yoga for Piles

Best Treatment of Piles by Yoga

Inverted asanas form an important part of the yoga postures for hemorrhoid relief. This is  because  when the body  is flipped upside down while doing these  yoga poses the direction of  the pressure of  the blood in the blood vessels is reversed;  pressure which was downwards in the anal region  while the body was in neutral position begins to move away towards the upper body when the body is in an inverted position. 

This relief from the pressure in the blood vessels around the anal region relieves the hemorrhoids of swelling and thus inflammation.  Practicing yoga techniques which relieve constipation regularly help by doing away with the need to strain while passing the stools,   a significant reason for having piles in the first place.

Certain yoga kriyas like Basti help by inducing healthy peristalsis in the inner lining of the intestines which help eliminate the fecal matter more smoothly.  Certain yoga mudras which involve exercising the anal sphincters by squeezing and releasing them in arrhythmic manner help strengthen the muscles of, and around the anus which do not give in to swelling under pressure.  

Yoga postures for hemorrhoids or piles and fissures involve upward stretching while standing which help one to do away the negative effects of prolonged sitting in the lower body.  All the forward bending asana as given below which come under the yoga poses for relief in hemorrhoids help exercise the anal area as one is encouraged to bend forward from the hip. 

This spikes up the circulation of blood in the region around the arse activating, strengthening the nerves and the related blood vessels which have gone weak due to straining in constipation, or due to sitting for long hours. Yoga poses which are good for the pelvis region also help treat as well as keep the piles away.

Treatment for Piles by Yoga, Exercises for Haemorrhoids



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