Yoga Asana for managing Hysteria,  Causes and Cure of Hysteria 

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Yoga for : Hysteria

 A state of unbridled emotional outburst – a mixture of anger, panic, and frustration – is known as Hysteria.

Generally it is a state where the emotions which were kept suppressed in the subconscious mind are let loose in a single go. Yoga for Hysteria helps diffuse this emotional outburst.

The person who bursts with hysteria is generally under the grip of some mental conflict.  In hysteria the impact of the painful emotions is transferred to the body in the form of its physical symptoms in order to protect the mind from its negative impact.

The word hystron means uterus in Greek. Hysteria as a mental disorder has its origin in the uterus present inside the female. The ancient Greek believed that the hysteria manifested its different symptoms as the uterus moved along the different parts inside the virgin female’s body.  

The females who have had children were thought to be not prone to it.  Rather the use of the term hysterectomy for the process of removal of the uterus as used in modern times has its genesis in the history of this disorder. Hysteria is more prevalent in females ranging between age groups of 14 to 25 years.  

The prevalence of hysteria in males is lesser than in females. Repressed sexual feelings in females have been found to be a major contributor to hysteria than any other factor.  Traumatic experiences in the past, and presence of any degree of depression can also cause hysteria.  Other known causes are hereditary disposition to the disease, anxiety, exposure to persistent stress, fear and worries, life changing events like marriage or death or separation from a loved one.

Since the ancient times the treatment of hysteria has taken various forms.  Psychologists have used hypnosis to talk therapy for releasing the negative emotions, and memories held captive within ones subconscious mind as effective modes of treatment of hysteria. 

A hysterical attack can be suddenly triggered by a strong emotion or may develop over time. The mood of the patient of hysteria oscillates a number of times between elation and sadness within a short span of time.  

The afflicted person may start crying without any concrete reason, feel constriction in the throat, and experience cramps in the limbs. Other symptoms may include headache, palpitations, swelling in the neck region, jamming up of the legs or experiencing convulsions in the limbs while trying to make movements with them.  

The heart beat goes up and the patient may lose consciousness momentarily. Breathing becomes very shallow and unnoticeable in certain cases. Hysterical attacks may last from several hours to a week.

Yoga therapy for Hysteria

Management of Hysteria by Yoga , Yoga for Hysteria

Disconnection with the self, is the yogic explanation of all the causes of hysteria as have been enumerated earlier.  So the treatment of hysteria with yoga involves connecting one back to the real self.  Yoga for hysteria   brings back the emotional balance within the psyche of the afflicted.  

In other words the stretching, contractions and the isometric tension created by practicing the asanas for managing hysteria redistribute the prana energy ( emotions are the feelings created by different types of energies) via energy channels ( as per traditional Chinese medicine system) within  the areas of the body which were till then deficient of it.  

Yoga asana for hysteria when properly synchronized with the breath relieves the mind of all stress and tension.  The yoga for anxiety works in tandem with yoga for hysteria by lowering the patient’s susceptibility to feeling anxious.  

The way Yoga works in general it enhances the physical health which has its positive impact on the mental health as well. The mind in a healthy body is free from any distractions, thus more relaxed, or discomforts present in the otherwise unhealthy body.  

Any Yoga is always good for mental health as it uplifts the mood, enthusiasm and motivational levels of the practitioner.  Yoga treatment for hysteria improves the quality of sleep which in turn enhances the contact with the dreams. 

Connecting with the dreams is actually connecting with the subconscious mind where the dreams emerge; the ability to connect with the subconscious mind is a crucial step in an effort to cleanse this area of any unwanted clutter of emotions which may have been causing hysteria. 

The yoga asana for managing hysteria help release any negative energy, emotions present within the nervous channels which raise up the positivity quotient of the brain. This helps alleviate feelings of low or depression, thus doing away with the very cause of hysteria.

Yoga for hysteria disease increases the secretion of GABA ( Gamma aminobutyric acid)in the brain. The symptoms of anxiety and depression are the result of low levels of gamma aminobutyric acid which keeps the nerves in a state of less activity.  Our yoga practice sessions, have been specifically designed by keeping the improvement of the overall health of our students in mind.

Treatment of Hysteria with Asana


Bhoochari Mudra

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