Varicose veins Treatment with Yoga, Spider Veins Prevention

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Yoga for varicose veins:

Varicose  veins is the condition where the veins in in the lower part of the body become swollen, purplish blue in color, and twisted.

This condition is also known as varicoses, or varicosities,  is diagnosed by the presence of enlarged, dilated and blood swollen veins. Yoga for varicose veins speeds up the flow of blood from the lower extremities towards the heart relieving the condition.

This condition of the veins is present in the lower extremities only because the pressure on the veins is maximum in this part of the body due to its location.   Varicose veins are seldom painful.  A severe condition can be accompanied by swollen ankles and spider veins.

What causes varicose veins?   The condition of spider veins develop when the valves present within the veins – to prevent  back flow of the rising blood in the veins –  become dysfunctional, or direct the blood into wrong direction –not towards the heart –  trapping it into small pockets of swelled up areas in the veins. 

Legs are the most affected by this condition as gravity restricts the flow of venous blood upwards towards the heart in the lower part of the legs.  Pregnancy, obesity, ageing process, standing for long hours , and family history of the  condition  are the possible causes of  varicose veins.

The symptoms of varicose veins include, apart from the ones already stated, feeling of heaviness in the legs, shrinking of the skin around the affected area due to the fat under the skin turning hard,  eczema of the veins,  leg cramps, or even restless leg syndrome.  

The pain may increase after sitting or standing for long.  Sometimes the skin around  the varicose veins develop a discolored patch. The condition of varicose veins can get complicated in case the bleeding from the swollen veins takes place.  Sometimes the blood may clot within the veins leading to inflamed veins.  In some rare cases the exchange of oxygen and nutrients  between the cells of the skin and the blood suffers due to the  reduced , slow flow of the blood through the skin.

Varicose veins condition is more prevalent in females than males, the relaxing  impact of the female hormones in general may be the contributor to the condition.  

The quantity of blood has been found to increase in the body of pregnant women, this extra blood seems to apply pressure on the veins of the legs which disrupts the proper functioning of the valves that regulate the flow of blood within these veins.  In case varicose veins have developed during pregnancy they generally vanish after the birth of the child.  

Yoga Remedy for Spider veins

The calming and  the space increasing benefits of yoga help cure varicose veins much more efficiently , and without any side effects than any other form of  treatment available for this condition. Varicose veins yoga incorporates yoga asanas which improve blood circulation and drainage  in the lower extremities. 

Yoga therapy for Varicose veins

The leg up position which are crucial exercise for varicose veins help drain the blood trapped in the veins of the legs towards the abdominal region, this relieves pressure on the veins. The ease of blood flow towards the heart even relaxes the heart itself as now it doesn’t have to over exert for pumping the blood up from the legs against the pull of gravity.

Yoga spinal twists are the best varicose veins treatment as the blood present  in the abdominal region is pushed out  by  the squeezing effect of the twisting spine,  then when the twist id released the space so created within the blood vessels, and around them sucks in the fresh blood from all the parts of the body  including from the legs. 

This helps drain the stagnant blood from the swollen veins of the legs as well. Yoga postures from Patanjali yoga for varicose veins exercises the muscles of the legs which increases their tone and activity. Activated, and strong muscles of the lower leg play an effective role in pushing the blood upwards in the body as the strength in these muscles imparts the required push to the weaker flow of blood in the legs. 

The yoga exercises which tone  the muscles of the calves benefit varicose veins by   preventing them from swelling outwards _increase in diameter which lowers the blood pressure inside them –  as the  strength in the muscles of the calves, which have direct contact with these veins,  keeps the veins adequately squeezed for  maintaining the optimal blood pressure within them.  This helps drain the blood from these veins much faster. 

Yoga is also a very potent varicose veins prevention instrument as it improves the health of the hearts which enhances the quality of the blood circulation in the entire body, infuses more oxygen in the blood via improved respiration, and relaxes the nerves ending upon the blood vessels. All this adds to the overall health of the circulatory system which keeps varicose veins from developing at all.

Relieve Spider veins with Asana


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