Yoga for  Ear Problems, Increase Hearing Power with Poses

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Yoga for ears:

Ears are the instruments of one of the five senses, or indriyas in Samkhya philosophy, windows, of the mind on the external world; the hearing sense.

The mind creates it’s image of the world around it based on the inputs received from the five senses. Yoga for ears help improve the quality of the same image so created.

The five angles, inputs, from the same external world help with creating almost near to reality picture of it in the mind. Based on this picture as created, the mind understands, interacts, and takes actions in order to make the survival of the individual in the world possible.

Ear receives the sound signals being generated in the environment around it, it converts them into electrical impulses, the language brain can understand, to be sent to the brain for interpretation. It would be interesting to know how much you know about your ears, here – ear knowledge test

The inner and middle ear receive and transmit the sound signals to the inner ear where they are converted into nerve impulses and transmitted to the area of the brain, prefrontal cortex and the limbic system, where they are interpreted.

The ear can be afflicted with a number of disorders which interrupt the flow of the sound signals to the brain:  hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease are some examples.   Ear disorders can alienate the individual suffering from them from his immediate environment at physical and social levels.  

Modern life styles like using high decibel music players, extreme honking on the roads, sitting for hours in high levels of sound in a movie theater, talking on phone for extended hours, and living or working near areas with high sound frequencies like airports can damage the highly sensitive structure of the human ear.

 Research has connected stress with the tinnitus; imaginary or real ringing sound sensations in the ears of the sufferer.   Yoga has emerged as one of the most effective ways of preventing ear related issues, as well as for increasing the hearing power naturally.

Yoga for ear problems

One of the benefits of all the yoga ear exercises is that it boosts the circulation of the blood in the ear. A well-nourished ear can defend itself against a lot of external damaging attacks on itself like ear infections.  

Our Yoga classes are held in a quiet environment, unlike the high decibel music systems blaring  inside of a regular weight training gymnasium,  to give the ears the required respite from the external sounds  so that the mind becomes sensitive at picking up the sound signals originating within one’s own body while doing Yoga.

Yoga for Ears – Tinnitus

Yoga asanas  which help relieve stress are also known to help with the condition of tinnitus. Tinnitus is related to the  part of the brain which is the emotional center of the brain as well.  This connects tinnitus to emotional disorders like depression and anxiety.  Thus the yoga techniques which help with handling anxiety and the Yoga techniques which reduce stress indirectly have been found to benefit tinnitus as well.

Yoga for ears problems

Yoga for Ears – Hearing loss

Yoga pranayama  which  are a part of yoga for hearing loss  stimulate the sensitive hair, located within the ears,  responsible for  converting the sound signals into nerve impulses  by the way of stimulating them from their roots.  Yoga asanas that release the stiffness or any held up tension in the neck region also help improve the hearing ability by increasing the flow of energy and blood through the region.  

Any yoga pose which directs the flow of blood to the ears help rejuvenate the hearing apparatus which boosts the hearing power to a great extent.  There are yoga mudras, given here in the list of yoga for ear problems which  help by increasing the space element within the body. Ear is the organ which needs  healthy space within it for the sound waves to travel.

The space elements once balanced with these specific yoga techniques or mudras clears the auditory channels of the body of any blockages present earlier due to congestion which reduces the space element within the ears.

Yoga for ear problems stretches the spine which indirectly normalizes the pressure within the  inner ear aiding with improved hearing ability. It also keeps the Eustachian tube clear of any obstructions. This  improves the overall health of the ears.  

Yoga asanas which induce relaxation within the body form an integral part of the yoga for ear problems, this also facilitates the flow of fresh prana to the ears by way of clearing the nerve channels of impurities.  When the body is relaxed it expands outwards from its core. 

This expansion creates room for  the healthy movement of liquids, the prana, and the sound waves improving the body systems related to these elements.

Yoga therapy for ear disorders


Akash Mudra


Sutra Neti

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