Yoga for female fertility & Uterus Problems, PCOS Exercise

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Yoga for Uterus problems:

Uterus is a muscular inverted pear shaped pouch like structure of the female reproductive system.

It provides the conducive environment for the growth of the fertilized egg into the fetus, till it is delivered  out of it at birth.

Yoga for uterus problems help keep it healthy. The structure, functioning, and the location of the uterus, are all guided by the single purpose of supporting the development of the fetus, till it becomes capable of starting an independent life in the environment which exists outside the body.  

It is safely ensconced within the sturdy pelvis, behind the bladder and in front of the rectum.  The length of a non-pregnant uterus is around 6 – 8 cm and its width is around 6 cm at its uppermost, broadest part. 

The upper most, and the broadest part of the uterus into which the fallopian tubes open are known as the Fundus.  The middle section is known as Corpus, below which it narrows down – Isthmus- into the a moist canal – Cervix – which opens into the Vagina. 

Three layers of muscle fibers running in different directions provide extra strength to the wall of the uterus.  Collagen fibers, elastic fibers and blood vessels stay entwined between these three layers of muscles.  

These muscles impart strength along with  flexibility to the uterine wall; the  uterus pregnant with the fetus can expand many times in size keeping with the expanding size of the growing fetus within it, and the muscular walls  of the Corpus region of the uterus contract  strongly enough –  contractions during the labor –  to push the  developed baby out of the cervix and the vagina at birth.

The size of the uterus remains small before puberty and after menopause.  In case the egg which is released form the ovaries gets fertilized by the sperm inside the Fallopian tubes, it is transported to the uterus for further development. The inner lining of the uterus is known as endometrium which keeps on changing its thickness during the different stages of the menstrual cycle.  

The progesterone released from the temporary glands situated in the ovaries after the ovulation has taken place prepares the endometrium ( thickens  it by developing extra blood vessels in it) for  nourishing the  fertilized egg till the time it will be delivered at birth. The fertilized egg attaches itself to this newly formed inner membrane of the uterus and begins to grow into the fetus.

Yoga for keeping the Uterus healthy, Yoga therapy for infertility in females,.

How does Yoga for uterine health works?

 Uterus prolapse, the most common disorder of the uterus is caused by the weakening of the cardinal and uterosacral ligaments which help keep the cervix and the vagina in place, the uterus is located right above the cervix. 

As these ligaments lose their tone they begin to slip towards the pelvic floor, the cervix, vagina and the uterus descend into each other with their own weight.  Once the slipping down of the uterus begins, any amount of intra abdominal pressure will exacerbate the problem.

 Activities as mundane as lifting something or coughing can increase the pressure within the abdominal cavity. For certain individuals even the minimal of the mental tension will tense up the abdominal cavity.  Yoga inversions when practiced as a part of yoga poses for treating uterus prolapse are the most effective in pushing the uterus back into position with the help of gravity.

The only caution that needs to be taken while doing inversions is that consciously maintain minimum intra-abdominal pressure in order to avoid pushing the pelvic floor towards the feet.  Yoga asanas for healthy uterus involve lifting the torso and the legs (with knees straight) with the body balancing on the lower back and the hips, core is kept contracted.   

Practicing postures of this category will strengthen the abdominal muscles which will help hold the uterus back into its natural position,  the raised leg position  push the prolapsed uterus back into the abdominal cavity.  Presence of fibroids in the uterus can cause heavy bleeding during menstruation, pelvic cramps and abdominal pain. 

Yoga for female fertility involve body twisting postures which  creates space within the abdominal cavity and increases the blood supply to the lower spine, Uterine fibroids have been found to shrink in size as these conditions are created by  regularly practicing PCOS exercises.

Yoga for uterus fibroid help clear the energy (prana) in and around the second Chakra –  Svadhisthana Chakra located in the lower abdomen – to which the uterine fibroids are directly connected.  Exercising this nerve plexus help relieve the fibroids in the uterus.  Yoga for managing stress the right way helps undo the hormonal imbalance created by daily stress, re-establishing the hormonal balance is a natural remedy to a lot of uterine problems.

Yoga for Uterus Problems 



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