Yoga Asanas and Exercises For getting rid of  Double Chin

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Double chin reduction –

Double chin, also known as Submental fat, or the fat accumulated under the lower jaw. Double chin is more of a cosmetic issue than a health hazard in any form.

It is just the extra fat or loose skin hanging under the chin, which can be attributed to a number of factors. Yoga is the most effective way for double chin reduction.

What causes Double Chin?

The diet indirectly contribute to double chin. Fatty diet  combined with low physical activity results in overweight which gets projected unevenly over various parts of the body. Gravity  acts as a catalyst in depositing the extra fat under the lower jaw, it being the lowest receiving point of the facial vessel.

Ageing is another factor, which can get accelerated by diet, lifestyle and unprotected exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, though limited exposure to Sunlight can be healing in a number of ways.  All these contribute to the destruction of collagen, the tissue responsible for maintaining the structure of the skin. Loosened skin hangs at all the possible turns, curves of the body under the impact of gravity, causing double chin.

The habit of keeping the chin down most of the time will lax the muscles of the neck ( Sternocleidomastoids) making them droop towards the chest over time. Keeping the chin down is one of the commonest yoga at home postural mistakes of practicing  in the absence of a good yoga teacher

Maintaining wrong posture is a major contributor to double chin; hunch in the upper back while standing, walking or sitting weakens the muscles located in the front of the neck leading to the accumulation of submental fat. Getting to know the details of the right standing posture can help one get rid of the double chin. Yoga techniques specifically recommended for correcting the posture must be included in the program for getting rid of double chin.

Genetics also plays a role in forming the double chin. Individuals with history of submental fat in the family are more prone to getting a double chin even if other factors mentioned above are absent.

Double Chin Reduction with Yoga

Exercising the muscles of the face in various ways is the cheapest, long lasting, and most effective mode of treating double chin. Double chin can be reduced with Yoga very easily.

Yoga for getting rid of double chin

Most of the Yoga techniques, asanas, employed for this are the ones which stretches the muscles of the neck upward and create tone and strength in them. The Yoga techniques which work locally on the neck are collectively known as face yoga for double chin. Moreover Yoga in general helps with correcting postural anomalies which benefit by reducing the submental fat. Yoga for a toned Jawline works best for eliminating the double chin condition.

How to lose extra chin with Yoga?

Developing healthy eating habits along with following the right guidelines for eating can help prevent deposition of fat under the lower jaw. Practice the below mentioned Yoga techniques regularly for removing double chin forever. Our Bandra yoga classes are unique in the sense that we cover all parts of the body in every single class given at our studio. Click on the individual yoga techniques for learning about them in detail.



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