Yoga Techniques for Curing Diabetes, Diabetes Management by Yoga

Diabetes cure with yoga

Diabetes is a constitutional disease, or the disease which affects the functions of the entire body.   Ones the body gets invaded with diabetes it majorly stays for life.  One needs to carry on with one’s life by learning to manage the disease in a healthy way.  Diabetes management with yoga is one of the most effective ways of keeping the ill effects of the disease at bay and leading a prolonged, healthy, normal life. Diabetes becomes like one’s partner for life, and since the patient has to lead his life with this partner understanding this partner well can make life more comfortable and easy to lead.

Pancreas is a gland resembling a bunch of grapes in form which is located under the liver inside the abdominal cavity.  The main hormone secreted by the pancreas is known as Insulin.  The job of Insulin is to regulate the transportation of food within the body just like the traffic police regulate the traffic on the roads in a city. If the number of traffic police is less in a city the traffic on the road will get jammed, similarly if the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas is less then the transportation of food in the body also gets jammed.  The sugar which was absorbed into the blood from the digested food remains in the blood only and does not reach the cells where it is required.

As the cells do not receive sufficient amount of sugar for their functioning they become more and more hungry. This enhances the hunger of the patient suffering from diabetes.  The increase of the sugar level in the blood sucks away the water from the cells which in turn increases the thirst of the patient.  Moreover the blood loses the capacity to clot, in case of any injury, due to the presence of excessive sugar in it. Thus the patient of diabetes run the danger of bleeding profusely if met with any injury.  Other signs of diabetes include general weakness, cramps , burning sensation in the feet etc.

Yoga for Diabetes

The diabetes cure in yoga begins with an advice on the diet.  The patient of diabetes should eat adequately, but never in excess.  Most of us only eat for the tongue and not for the body; we love eating that food in excess which is more pleasing to the taste buds than which is healthy for the entire body.  A diabetic must eat nourishing balanced diet, and that doesn’t mean a rich diet drenched in ghee and nuts.  The diet which is rich in ghee and nuts may be good for laborers and the sports people, but not for someone with limited physical activity.  Yoga for diabetes help the patients to bring in internal as well as external discipline in their lives.  Diabetes management with yoga  helps by altering the patients response to stressful situations., yoga for diabetes modifies the patients behavior.

The structure and composition of our Yoga camp on diabetes, which are regularly held at our yoga retreat center at Shahzadpur farm, has been designed to cover all aspects of managing diabetes with yoga.  Physical activity, diet, and mental tranquility are the three principles with which one can control diabetes.  If one deviates from these three principles then handling of diabetes with medicines would be necessitated.   Yoga asanas to cure diabetes form the perfect physical activity for a patient of diabetes.  Diabetes can take severe turns like loss of eye sight, kidney failure, heart failure, even paralysis if the plan of diabetes management with yoga is not followed in strict terms.

Diabetes can be easily managed with yoga exercises for diabetes for many years together people have successfully lived with diabetes anywhere from 25years to 60 years by regularly practicing yoga asanas for diabetes.  Diabetes is like a seed which will grow into a full-fledged plant if the circumstances for it to flourish are made available. Diabetes thrives on rich food, and stress, cut out the supply of these two and the diabetes naturally comes under control.  The roots of diabetes can also be in one’s heredity, still yoga for diabetes can adequately equip the patient f for managing the disease along with leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Keep blood sugar levels in check with these asanas

Ardhmatsyendra Asana







Jnana Mudra


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