Bronchitis Treatment with, Yoga Poses for Lungs Cleaning

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Bronchitis Treatment with Yoga:

Bronchial tubes form the part of the respiratory apparatus; each of these tubes branch out from the trachea, located in the throat, to the inside of each lung which further branch into bronchioles.

The bronchioles finally end into alveoli where the actual exchange of the gases takes place.  Bronchitis is the name given to the condition where the bronchial tubes become inflamed.

The inner lining of the bronchi secrete excess mucous  on account of being inflamed due to an infection, this which mucous blocks the passage of air through them.  The person afflicted with bronchitis finds breathing difficult and laborious as extra effort is needed to push the air into the lungs through the blocked bronchi.

Bronchitis may develop from common cold, or any other nasal infection.  Any of the viruses, bacteria or dust particles that irritate the inner lining of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes can cause bronchitis. Habitual smokers are easy prey to bronchitis.  

Common cold and other nasal infections are generally followed by bronchitis which lasts for shorter duration and is known as acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is the inflammation of the inner membrane of the bronchi which sustains for weeks and months together. Usually chronic bronchitis results from unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking or adverse environmental conditions like presence of allergic pollen grains in a particular region.

Chronic bronchitis is the serious condition which may require medical intervention, and forms a part of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – COPD. The symptoms of bronchitis include persistent cough, production of excessive sputum or mucous, lethargy, light fever, breathlessness,  and uneasiness in the cheat area. Body ache, or head ache can be present as additional symptoms in case of chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis, if left untreated can lead to pneumonia where the entire lungs get filled

with liquid secretions.

Bronchitis treatment with Yoga

Yoga asanas when coordinated with the right breathing pattern help increase the efficiency of the lungs and renders the breath smooth and long.  A separate set of yoga asanas and pranayamas for bronchitis when alternated with respiratory apparatus cleansing techniques ( kriyas)  help remove excessive mucous from the air passages in the lungs along with improving the health of the inner lining of the bronchial tubes. 

Yoga therapy for Bronchitis

The yoga poses to cure bronchitis increases the flexibility of the ribcage which adds extra space for the lungs to expand and breathe better.  The breathing exercises for bronchitis keep the mind and the related nervous system relaxed.  Some innovative, easy techinques to relax also help ease the nervous system. Relaxed nerves around the bronchi keep them adequately dilated making way for easy passage of air through them notwithstanding the presence of excessive mucous in them.

Yoga poses for breathing improves the circulation of blood to the lungs which keeps the inner lining of the respiratory passage way strong and healthy,  a well-nourished mucous member  is less prone to irritation from  external agents.  Inverted asana use negative gravity to drain the respiratory system of any stagnant liquids, clearing  the  air passage ways of any unwanted obstructions and inflammation causing agents.  

These techniques fall under the heading of yoga for lung cleaning.  A set of special pranayama’s for chest congestion improve the strength of the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles which improve the overall respiratory capacity of the lungs.

Asthmatic bronchitis is a more severe condition where in the walls of the bronchi constricts in size reducing its diameter, this with the presence of excessive mucous can completely stop the breathing process which can be fatal if not treated immediately.  Since one cannot control all the causative factors of bronchitis, or asthmatic bronchitis one can at least prepare the lungs for fighting there onslaught by improving its functions.   

This is best achieved by regularly practicing yoga poses for breathing as given here, as well as doing basic breathing exercises for bronchitis.  One of the critical considerations which is adhered to while performing pranayama for chest congestion is that more stress is given to the exhalation than the inhalation while breathing.

Ability to exhale is the biggest challenge during an attack of asthmatic bronchitis.  Pranayama for chest congestion and breathing exercises for bronchitis work in tandem to train the respiratory muscles on an effective and longer exhalation.  So, even when the air passages are inflamed, or blocked with mucous the muscles surrounding them retain the strength to push the trapped air out when required.  

This comes as a big relief for anyone suffering from this debilitating condition. Practicing prolonged exhalation regularly can help squeeze out the residual, stagnant air if any from the farthest corners of the lungs, which prepares these hidden areas for fresh influx of oxygenated air in the very next inhalation.

All the back bending asanas  remove the rigidity of the spine as well as the rib cage, A rigid ribcage can restrict the extent of expansion of the lobes of the  lungs reducing the  quality and quantity of each breath that is taken.

Yoga Asanas and  Pranayamas for Bronchitis

Ardhmatsyendra Asana




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