Yoga Techniques for Anger Management, Pranayama to Control Anger

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Yoga to reduce anger :

 Anger is a form of aggression which surfaces within the psyche of an individual in response to a wrong done to, or when he / she encounter an unpleasant outcome from an act undertaken.

Anger in itself is not a separate, concrete emotion: it’s a blend of a combination of various other negative emotions felt – with different intensities – at the same time. Yoga to reduce anger can benefit by training one to keep it under control.

The emotions a part of which gets squeezed into forming anger are jealousy, frustration, hatred and resentment.  Likewise this combination of feelings can be present in the thoughts, feelings or physical actions. As per Yoga actions are the culmination of the thoughts, thus the destruction that is wreaked loose on the external world has its genesis in angry thoughts.

Medical science has yet to discern the algorithm behind the working of human thought process; science is still languishing at the research stage as far as understanding human psychology is concerned.  

Yoga on the other hand being more  based on experience – of energy shifts – than being  objective as per the quantitative approach of science- works on the problems related to emotions based on thoughts from the mind, body, and energy  angle.  Same goes true for anger; thoughts being its origin are nothing but bundles of energy, the prana.

 Unlike other negative emotions, the high potential of anger at inflicting destruction – internally as well as externally – calls for a more serious approach towards understanding its nature and finding ways in which it can be controlled or dissipated effectively.  

Today the world stands at the brink of complete annihilation because of only one creation of nature, the human Mind, and latent anger is like the RDX loaded within it. Yoga to reduce anger  is the most effective agent for diffusing this  ticking time bomb within all of us in the long run.

Yoga to reduce anger

How to control anger? Is the pertinent question being asked by all who have been singed by its flare at different occasions?  Although there are behavioral techniques for managing anger, Yoga to reduce anger looks at this  malaise as a concentration of negative vibes which burst into a fit of rage whenever the object of its hatred or despise comes within the vicinity.  

Pranayamas are  one of the most effective tools  handed over to us by yoga for  helping us manage anger.  Yoga to reduce anger looks at negativity as the blockages within the paths of flow of the prana (known as Chinese meridians) through the body.  

Yoga Pranayamas for anger purifies the channels, paths also known as “Nadis” within the body of any  resistance to its flow. Once the pent up negative energy finds its release form the  nervous system the mind becomes calmer and steadier.

Yoga asanas shift the energy, prana from one part of the body to the other  by alternating force, contraction and stretch,  with relaxation along the length and build of the physical body.  This movement pattern , stretching  alternating with relaxation,  is inherent in almost all yoga asanas techniques. 

Yoga therapy for arresting anger

This is how the energy from areas with its high concentration is shifted to the regions lacking it, balancing  the energy within the entire body.  This diffuses the possibility of the formation of packets of concentrated negative energy holding the potential for bursting into rage at the slightest provocation.

High blood pressure  and weight gain  are the two natural accomplices of  anger gone out of one’s control.   Yoga  techniques which benefit hypertension and the Yoga for Weight loss indirectly helps in managing  anger issues by  normalizing the high blood pressure as well as the weight of the person grappling  with anger related issues.

 Practicing yoga in a group yoga class, like the yoga classes in Bandra West, instead of individual yoga sessions  has been found to be more effective in managing anger with yoga as the feel of the physical presence of others around oneself imparts a sense of support and motivation to the one struggling to handle anger. 

Even yoga techniques that help develop love and compassion within oneself form a potent weapon of yoga to reduce anger. Compassion is more like empathizing with the second person,  or looking at the same issue from the eyes of the  other person. Stepping into other’s shoes adds the logical angle to the entire conflict ,  completely evaporating the traces of any rage which were formed earlier when compassion was missing.

Yoga pranayamas to control anger are more effective for controlling high anger instances. Relaxation techniques or restorative yoga can help patients who experience milder intensities of anger within themselves. Other than proper yoga techniques, some inventive ways to relax, and  relaxing with the vibrations from a Himalayan Singing bowl equally helps in calming the mind. 

A serious student of  yoga to reduce anger  should maintain a daily journal of his progress on the path of conquering  anger. Writing down what one feels about held up emotions helps by releasing that emotion from within oneself, consequentially healing the person of its ill effects.  Yoga to reduce anger or yoga for releasing anger recommends getting familiar with what anger feels like within oneself. 

Focus on the feeling and its location within the body than on the cause of the anger. Once one identifies the mix of feelings called anger,  yoga techniques like meditation ( where one concentrates on a single thought) for reducing anger generates the witness like attitude towards this emotion within the practitioner.

This witness like attitude so developed is nothing but the separation of the self from  this destructive emotion; now the afflicted can control or manage it more easily.

Yoga for releasing anger




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