Activate Thymus Gland with Yoga poses, Defense Against Disease

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Yoga poses for the thymus gland:

Thymus is a gland which forms a part of the immune system. It is known as a gland because it secrete hormone, which contributes to the working of the immune system.

It is a small gland shaped like a light pink colored moth, ( it has two lobes which resemble the folded wings of the insect) sitting  between the two lungs, right under the sternum, or the breast bone. Yoga poses for thymus gland help activate the functions of this tiny organ sitting within the chest cavity.

Thymus gland is present in children, attains it maturity in the teen years and begins to shrink and finally disappear tin adults.  Very rarely this gland can be found located elsewhere, neck, thyroid gland, or on the lungs.   Its name comes from its resemblance to the leaf od the thyme plant; a triangular shape with one side representing the arches of its two lobes.

The thymus gland works in coordination with the lymphatic system (similar to tonsil, and adenoids) of the body which plays a crucial role in the defending the body against foreign matter, microbes and disease causing agents like bacteria, and virus.

The tissues forming the thymus gland  are arranged into lobules, each lobule has a upper surface called the cortex, and an inner core called the  medulla.  A special type of cells known as T cells take birth in the bone marrow and are transported to the thymus gland via blood circulation. 

These T cells are  trained inside the thymus gland on  differentiating between harmful, disease causing agents, and the  no harmful tissues of the body.  This training is important as without it the T cells can destroy the tissues of which the body is made of.  

The T cells first enter the cortex of the lobules of the thymus gland where they are trained to identify the antigens produced by the harmful foreign agents.  Only the T cells which can identify this successfully are selected (positive selection), whereas the ones which fail are discarded.

Thymopoietin and thymulin are the two hormones which act like trainers   which provide the training to the T cells. The selected cells from the cortex enter the medulla where they are trained not to recognize the body’s own antigens which are not to be destroyed (negative selection). 

The cells which fail the negative selection process are also eliminated as they may attack the body’s own cells known as autoimmunity.  The cells which pass the final selection in the medulla are treated with the hormones of the thymus gland as a final training, after which these cells are released into the system to begin their job.  

Thymosine is the hormone produced by the thymus gland which provides strength to the immune response of the T cells, it also plays a role in stimulating the pituitary gland for producing the growth hormone.   As soon as the T Cells , or T lymphocytes  recognize the harmful foreign agent  cell they lock on to its surface via a special contact point and kills it. 

The process of ageing has been found to be linked to the vanishing of the thymus gland with years.  Thymic cysts, Tumors of the thymus gland are two of its important disorders which need serious consideration. 

Yoga therapy for Thymus gland, Yoga and the immune system

How can Yoga Boost the Immune System

Yoga for immune system helps effectively stimulate the thymus gland so that   the quality, quantity  of its training the T cells is enhanced and  is maintained  at its  optimal level. This benefits by keeping the immune defense of the body powerful enough in order to keep any  possible infections at bay.  

The body releases cortisol and adrenalin on facing an external stress, these two hormones weaken the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to the invading infection causing microbes.   Yoga poses for immune system prevents the release of these immune system unfriendly hormones  by  providing the relief from the stress.  

The thymus gland lies exactly at the point above the heart where the energy associated with the heart chakra (Anahata chakra) lies concentrated, the yoga poses for the  thymus gland help activate and release this energy which fills the mind with life and enthusiasm.  Happiness so created also helps boost the immune system of the body.

The yoga poses which opens up the chest are the best answer to this question,  how to  activate your thymus gland? The chest openers create space within the chest and supplies the area with nutrient, oxygen rich renewed blood supply,  expansion opens up any stagnation or blockages in the area it affects, and the rich blood supply rejuvenates the organs lying there in, thymus gland being one of them. 

The yoga poses for thymus gland infuse the tissues of the gland with renewed energy (prana) which adds quality  to its health and function. Pranayama also benefit by relieving the  nervous tension and improving the movement of the chest, the movement in the chest provide a subtly massage to the thymus gland stimulating it to function at tits optimal  best. 

Yoga poses for the Thymus Gland






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