Yoga for Upper Back pain, Yoga for Neck pain

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Yoga for Myalgia:

Myalgia, or muscle pain, especially related to the muscles of the upper back, seems to have caught up with everyone trying to cope with the modern fast paced lifestyles.

The upper back region of the human body is a weave created by a number of large sized muscles: trapezius; teres major; and latissimus dorsi. Yoga for Myalgia is the natural way to heal the same.

Running through the intersections of these three major muscles is another relatively smaller muscle called infraspinatus. Muscles of the neck are coterminous lengthwise to these muscle groups extending toward the head.

At physical level the myalgia of the upper back is a result of strain in the muscles mentioned above, sprain in the adjoining ligaments, muscle fatigue, infections and certain medications.  Poor postural habits are equally responsible for pain in the upper back area of the body.  In general, it has been observed that often the sensation of pain emerging from the muscles is more acute while changing the position in which the body is at a given moment.

Yoga for upper back pain, Yoga for Myalgia

Yoga is the best bet for relieving any pain experienced within the body as it approaches the issue from all possible directions:  Imbalance in the energy; imbalance in the mental processes, and imbalance in the physical states.  Yoga doesn’t believe in just the physical aspect of a beings existence; in total five koshas or subtle bodies interlocked together forms a human being.  

Yoga for back pain work on the annamayakosha or the physical body made up of the physical elements comprising the muscles, bones and the blood vessels.  An imbalance in the muscles of the area will also impact the bones at the joints as muscle groups around any joint contribute to the stability and range of motion of that joint.

Yoga exercises for upper back pain have been specifically chosen to strengthen the muscles just below the affected muscle groups. This provides a stable support to the overlying painful muscles to relax and finally recover from the discomfort.  

The same Yoga strategy also works well for muscle pains associated with other locations in the body like Yoga for the lower back pain or the Yoga for pain associated with the Sciatica nerve .Yoga for neck pain and neck tension forms an important part of the Yoga for myalgia of the upper back.

Yoga for reducing the muscle pain of the back, Yoga therapy for Myalgia

The Trapezius muscle is a large triangular muscle which envelops the entire upper back connecting the shoulders to the neck muscles. Tight trapezius can cause acute pain in the neck and shoulders. Yoga stretches for trapezius help remove the tightness in this muscle. 

Yoga asanas which involve free swinging of the arms are good for stretching this muscle.  Neck and arm exercises provide different ways to loosen tight trapezius. These exercises form an important part of the upper back pain exercises as they help stretch the shoulder joint and the cervical spine relieving any tension present on them.

 In our yoga sessions, mostly the back pain relief exercises are coupled with the Yoga breathing exercises, pranayamas, for healing the pranamaya kosha or the energy body.  Any imbalance in the flow of prana within the body , due to various factors, will stiffen, fatigue or  weaken the muscle groups which are cut off from its reach.  

Manomaya Kosha, or the mental body is directly linked to the state of the energy body as the  quality of vibrations – positive, negative-  in the mental body decides the quality of flow of  prana, energy, through the whole body.  Negative and painful thoughts can trigger this ripple affect starting from the mental body and ending at the end receptors of its impact, the muscles.

Yoga for back pain also includes back pain exercises or yoga poses that induce acceptance in the mind of the sufferer releasing any painful or negative energy held captive in the mind when it is in the non-acceptance mode. Yoga poses that work on body posture positively impact the related muscle groups inducing a sense of relief within them.  

Yoga pranayama as a part of the back pain relief exercises help by relaxing the muscles of the chest which are held tight by the sensation of the pain reducing the overall quantity and quality of the air being breathed in.  An adequately oxygenated fuller breath aided by a relaxed chest has been found to be helpful in naturally releasing pain relieving hormones within the body.  

Yoga for stiff neck helps by relieving any discomfort associated with the connected muscles of the neck.  Enhanced motivation, awareness of the self and surrounding factors along with the release of stress induce positivity within the mannomayakosha, mental body. The positive vibrations so generated are the required healing potion a painful muscle ever hankers for.

Yoga for Myalgia of the Upper Back



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