Stomach Gas Remedy with Yoga, Postures for Flatulence Relief

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Yoga postures for flatulence:

Flatus is a Latin word which means a blowing wind in English.

Flatulence is the name given to the release of gut air from the anus. Release of air from the anus some 10 to 18 times a day is considered normal in humans. 

Some air enters the digestive tract through the mouth along with the food while eating, whereas some air in the gut is the byproduct of the digestive process. Yoga postures for flatulence help release this trapped air within the system faster.

Another source of air is the release of certain gases due to the action of the bacteria residing in the large intestine on breaking the food down for digestion. Quantity of nitrogen and oxygen is more in the air which takes the route of mouth to the digestive tract, and the bacterial action in the colon releases methane, carbon dioxide, and  hydrogen.

Other than by way of flatulence, body also expels air from the digestive tract through belching, or burping via mouth.   As already mentioned a certain proportion of the gas present in the gut is released during the process of digestion of food, some food items are notorious for releasing more gas than others.  

Sometimes the gas which is released from the anus, or even from the mouth for that reason is accompanied by foul, bad smell. The gas smells bad due to the presence of    Sulphur element into it. Sulphur is released as the gas in the gut from undigested food components.   Gas in the stomach if accompanied by abdominal pain or the feeling of bloating must be immediately attended to as it may   be the sign of some serious trouble.

Healthy gas is normally odorless. Bloating can also be a symptom of other disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s diseases, colon cancer, or abdominal hernia.  Same way belching can also be the sign of some more sinister problem than just the formation of gas in the gut.  

Chronic belching can also indicate ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Pulses, beans and lentils, dairy products, bakery products, cereals, cabbage, onions etc. are famous as gas causing food items.  People who are allergic to lactose but ingest  include milk products in their diet also have gas problems, the lactose present in the body is acted upon by the bacteria, which releases gas as a byproduct,  in the absence of any lactose digesting enzymes in the gut.

Stomach gas remedy with Yoga

Gas is basically caused by partial digestion of the food within the digestive tract, anything that can improve digestion will help one get rid of the gas problem.  Yoga postures for flatulence work on improving the digestion which results in less amount of gas being formed as byproduct. 

Yoga for Flatulence

A lot of yoga poses for fart relief apply the right amount of pressure on the abdominal region which pushes the extra gas formed in the digestive tract out of the body.  Thus the stomach get rid of any excess gas which saves one the embarrassment of an accidental release of the same in public.   

Yoga poses which benefit constipation and bloating help  by preventing the trapping of the gas behind the fecal blockages which  sometimes can results in discomforting bloating.  

Some yoga  poses which provide  gas relief work by stretching the digestive tract within the abdomen. This provides massage to the intestines which improves digestion and facilitates the forward movement of the digestive components for easy and early expulsion from the anus.  

The less the digestive contents stay in the gut lesser is the amount of gas produced in it.  Yoga pranayama when practiced along with the poses to release gas from the stomach help manage, reduce the day today stress for the practitioner. 

The digestive enzymes and juices are best released while the mind & the body complex is in a relaxed state. Adequate amount of digestive juices help completely digest the food present in the gut adding to the quality of digestion. 

Yoga techniques  like Kriyas which form the part of basic yoga cleansing techniques  when practiced  at prescribed regularity help remove any  residual toxins from within the digestive tract which may have been diluting the effect of digestive juices, or blocking the movement of the processes food across the length of the intestines.  

These kriyas like Auto lavage  help keep the inner lining of the digestive tract clear of any adhesives which  enhances the quantity and quality of the nutrients being absorbed by these surfaces leaving nothing behind which can act as  the food for the gas producing gut bacteria.

Yoga inversions which are an important part of the yoga for stomach gas loosen  any congestions present it the system  by inverting the direction of  movement of the digestive contents in an inverted body.

Yoga postures for Flatulence relief

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana



Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana


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