Appendix pain and Yoga, Treat Appendicitis with Yoga

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Understanding Appendicitis:

Appendix is a finger shaped vestigial organ located at the junction,

where the small intestine transforms into the large intestine, on the lower right side of the abdomen. A vestigial organ is an organ which doesn’t have any known specific function but its still present within the

body like the wisdom tooth and the tail bone in humans. Appendicitis is the name given to the inflamed condition of the appendix.  This inflammation can be the result of the blocking of the appendix either due to the presence of mucus, some parasite or the fecal matter.  Yoga for treating appendicitis works on these causes to heal the condition.

The inflamed appendix reddens, and swells  up resulting  in an excruciating pain in the lower right side of the abdomen  in most of the cases.

The pain can be in the form of cramps or aches felt throughout the abdomen. The pain can be constant and severe. This pain is felt in the lower back in case the appendix is located behind the colon.

The pain is felt while sneezing or coughing , while walking or  while turning the body on any side. This is because all these activities involve the crunching, constricting of the core, navel region, which irritates the inflamed appendix located near it.  In some cases the pain can move down into the legs. 

The pain may start as a dull sensation around the navel region which eventually spreads along the entire abdomen, concentrating more on the lower right side of the abdomen.

Insomnia, mild fever, mild nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, even diarrhea are some of the symptoms of an inflamed appendix. Appendicitis can be really painful which completely debilitates the patient.  If left untreated the inflamed appendix can burst. Appendicitis is more common in males than the females.

Appendix treatment in Patanjali yoga

 Yoga twists and the asanas which work on the lateral sides of the body help apply adequate pressure on the area around appendix which forces open any blockages if present within it. 

Yoga therapy for Appendicitis

This also flushes fresh oxygenated blood into the appendix  helping it to recover from any infection which was developing therein. If the infection in the appendix is detected early yoga can help to completely exterminate the microorganism responsible for the inflammation.

Apart from yoga asanas, a full yogic regime of related life style changes  can help strengthen the immune system  enough to be able to ward  off any attack by the infection causing microbes.  Yoga diet is rich in fiber which is responsible for keeping the entire elementary canal cleansed and healthy.  This reduces any chances of the appendix getting blocked by the remnants of the digestive matter in the intestines.

The pairing  of appendix  pain with yoga is synonym with providing best therapy to an ailment . Yoga works on appendix by rectifying the issues which are collectively, in different organ systems, contributing to appendicitis. 

It increases the blood circulation in and around the digestive track adding to the overall health of the related body systems.   The supply of fresh and nourished blood to the abdominal region bolsters its ability to fight against any infection causing bacteria leading to a healthy gut.

Most of the causes of appendicitis can be attributed to unhealthy eating habits.  The residues left behind in the body in the form of toxins and harmful chemicals from ingesting alcohol, trans fats, and refined flour food items are responsible for  a weak  digestive tract. 

The philosophy behind yoga nudges the practitioner to find out what is healthy eating? which helps prevent appendicitis.  Yoga pranayama bring in relaxation within the body and the mind complex. A relaxed mind is the reason behind a healthy body. Pranayama have been found to open the blockages to the flow of prana within the body by clearing out the pathways – Nadis – of its flow.  

The prana can now flow from the regions of its excess in the body  to the areas which are deficient in it. Deficiency of the bio motor force, prana, within a certain region keeps that region weak and vulnerable to different maladies and diseases. 

Equal distribution of prana within the body generates positive changes within the mind which is the best antidote to any disease that can take roots in the organ systems.  Pranayama, especially prolonged exhalation if done properly works like an analgesic as it obstructs the signals of pain from reaching its corresponding center in the brain for interpretation.  

Appendix treatment in Patanjali yoga is the best way to prevent, and treat appendicitis the natural way with zero side effects. Yoga practices which are taught at Shahzadpur farm Yoga retreat yoga classes have  special sessions dedicated to treating appendicitis with yoga.

Yoga Asana and Breathing exercises for Treating Appendicitis


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