Yoga Asanas for Neurasthenia, Poses for Curing Emotional Fatigue

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Yoga for Neurasthenia:

Neurasthenia is Greek for a weak nervous system.

The nervous system is a network of interconnected nerve channels, which help in the circulation of signals in the form of nerve impulses from one end of the body to another, carrying a specific command or a code for action between the two ends.

The impulse originating end of this connect is always the mind, that is why the yoga poses for treating neurasthenia is also known as mind yoga.

In fact a proper and healthy circulation within the nervous system is crucial to all the other types of circulatory systems within the body, which at a lot of times depend on the go ahead or stop signals coming from the nerves chains ending on their respective edges. 

The main content that carries these signals in the nervous system is nothing but pure energy in the form of impulses which are relayed, at the intersections of the nerve channels, to the right destinations.  In case these channels of energy are open, free of any obstacles the systems depending on them would work as expected;  in case they  get blocked, due to unwarranted stress  on them, the dependent body systems like the digestive the endocrine and the eliminatory systems get negatively affected.

Neurasthenia is a term that was coined in the 19th century for a combination of symptoms comprising irritability, fatigue, digestive issues, depressive feelings, headache, and dizziness.  All these symptoms are the result of a nervous system gone weak due to overload of work pressure on to it.   

Neurasthenia, as a term was devised to fence off the more severe psychological disorders of that time from the general symptoms due to the tiring out of the nerves.   This disorder was thought to have its roots in the highly competitive, stressful work environment of the modern corporate office set ups.  The sedentary life style, a hallmark of office work was thought to be one of the strongest contributors to the condition.   

Modern Corporate culture lack emotional connectivity, free expression of thoughts, and creativity (attributes essential for a healthy mind) and promotes chasing of the drier quantitative targets with no considerations for more humane side of one’s existence. Competition, jealousy, threats, disappointments and frustrations are the inherent adjuncts to the crass office environments today.  

The emergence of a special branch of Yoga for handling psychological issues associated with corporate work environments, has seen a parallel development with the corporatisation of the production houses around the world.

Yoga for emotional fatigue or Neurasthenia

Yoga poses and breathing exercises heals the symptoms of neurasthenia by rectifying the imbalance which was brought in under the impact of the external stressors.  The nerves under duress become constricted and short. This impedes the flow of prana in the form of electrical signals through them. 

A stressed out mind switches on the parasympathetic nervous response in the system which is nothing but a defensive reaction to the threat caused by the perceived stressor.  This  directs a major chunk of the available prana within the body  to the instruments of war against, the immune system, the perceived threat leaving very little for the vital functions, involuntary, to carry on in a healthy way. 

Yoga therapy for Neurasthenia,

In case this state of  unequal distribution of the energy is maintained for longer, due to the persistent stress, the vital functions begin to break down leading to fatigue, irritability and callousness in the attitude of the sufferer.

The first thing all the Yoga asanas, and other techniques for neurasthenia do is that they alter the perception of the threat from the external stressor to a non-threat.  Physical yoga poses  alternate between stretching and relaxing the nerves along with the associated muscles  which clears the passages for the blocked prana leading to a relaxed state of mind.  

Similarly the pranayama  which form an essential  part of the yoga for emotional fatigue purifies the channels  from which the prana can flow freely  and connect the energy within the body to the energy channels of the universe without, this connection is essential for establishing the healing energy balance within the body.  

Yoga also heals emotional disturbances as it naturally lifts up the mood, on the other hand alleviation of stress is another innate benefit of a regular yoga practice which in turn contributes the emotional health of the practitioner.

Neurasthenia or emotional disturbance is mainly caused by the restricted emotions held up within one’s subconscious mind.  Yoga poses for neurasthenia facilitate the release of these emotions and expunge the mind of their ill effects for ever.  

Treating neurasthenia with yoga is the most effective way of reestablishing the psychic balance for longer  within one self as all the other forms of treatments being employed , (electrotherapy, use of sedatives) for the same are only momentary in effect.  

Moreover, yoga is the only discipline which approaches the emotional issues from the mind and energy connection angle, the aspect which stands least explored by the modern medical science.  Yoga poses for neurasthenia approach the problem in a holistic manner, multiple angles, and are not restricted to only the chemical reactions taking place at the physical level in the body. 

Yoga poses for Neurasthenia or Emotional disturbance


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