Yoga for Uterine Prolapse, Pelvic Floor Strengthening Poses

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Yoga for Uterine Prolapse:

 All the organ systems within the human body have a specific role to play, at an individual level and also in relation to other systems of the body.

The position and the angle at which these systems are placed inside the body aids in their functioning and efficiency; the flow of different secretions, or the ingredients in transit through these organ systems need to be obstruction free,

each organ competes for the minimum space inside the crowded body cavity, needed for them to function at an optimal level. Yoga for uterine prolapse work in a similar way.

Any change in the position or the angle at which these organs are held leads to the malfunctioning of the process the affected organ is responsible for inside the body system.

In order to prevent this from happening, the body uses various ligaments and muscle groups  as clips to hold the organs at respective positions in the body. 

Enteroptosis is the term used to describe the condition where the ligaments and muscles that hold the large intestine in its optimal position, especially the transverse colon region which runs horizontally across the mid abdomen, loses the necessary strength required to to do so, leading to the descend, prolapse of the corresponding section of the intestine into the abdominal cavity. 

This prolapse of the intestine creates blockages at different points across the path of flow of the digestive liquids leading to malfunctioning of the entire digestive process.

The prolapse of the colon pulls the stomach as well as the kidneys lower to their respective positions indirectly affecting their functions as well.  The presence of enteroptosis in the abdominal cavity can be inferred from symptoms like prolonged fatigue, the body can no more digest fat, pure milk, acids and pure wine, sleeplessness, heartburn, loss of appetite and persistent constipation.

Yoga poses to cure prolapse – Enteroptosis

Out of all the options available today for curing the prolapse of the abdominal organs yoga has been found to leave the longest lasting results.  The flow of the movements of the yoga techniques especially of certain yoga asana is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles and ligaments that hold the abdominal organs in place.  

The cavity of the abdominal region is the area in the body which is supported by the skeletal system only from behind; the front wall is a just a multilayered corset of interwoven muscles bereft of any bony support.   Moreover the urogenital system, the uterus, intestines, stomach, spleen, liver, the kidneys and the rectum are all resting in this region itself. Yoga for the health of large intestine benefits the abdominal prolapse to a great extent.

The health of these vital organs remains at the mercy of factors like general posture, strength of the associated muscle groups, age, and gravity. Taking care of the strength of the associated muscles only will automatically arrest the remaining three. Out of all the available options  of  exercise the mode in which yoga poses to cure prolapse operate on the body has been found to be the most muscle friendly. 

Yoga for Enteroptosis, Yoga therapy for prolapse of the abdominal organs

Talk of prolapse and yoga is the fittest response, because the mode in which yoga works is an overall workout for the body; it strengthen against the resistance created by it in one’s own body, by  creating isometric tension  within the muscles and by enhancing the endurance of the muscle groups held in particular yoga pose.

Similarly a prolapsed uterus and yoga come under the umbrella term of postnatal yoga, a separate group of yoga techniques strengthen the muscles surrounding the uterus, which is in the process of relapsing into its original shape and size after  childbirth. 

A different set of Yoga techniques, yoga for uterine prolapse, are considered as  the best exercise for a prolapsed bladder also known as urethral prolapse.  Inversions, or yoga asanas where the body is held upside down, head down and legs up position, lowers  the internal organs back into their original places by reversing the force of gravity on them.  

Holding the inverted yoga asanas for long can develop strength and tone in the muscle groups responsible for keeping the internal organs in their optimal positions.

Yoga asanas which  impart alternating stretching and compression to the muscles of the core strengthen the entire weave of the muscle layers present in the anterior of the abdominal cavity, reviving the required support to the abdominal organs.  

Yoga twists or lateral bends tone the ligaments present  within the internal organs itself.  Thus all yoga poses  to cure prolapse, and  yoga poses for pelvic floor strengthening  reinvigorates the lost muscular support system to the respective organs.  Once back to their places organs work with optimal efficiency which contributes to the over all health of the body.

Yoga poses to cure organ prolapse


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