Yoga  Poses to Boost Metabolism, Exercises for Weight Loss

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Yoga to boost metabolism:

The Physical aspect of the human body is made up of a number of elements as its building material.

These elements come together in various combinations and permutations with the cosmic energy, prana, to  form the living tissue of which the various organ systems of the body are made. These living tissues,  or cells as the fundamental building blocks of the living body,

consume energy during the various life sustaining processes – metabolism is part of these –  that takes place within them around the clock. Yoga to boost metabolism help maintain a optimal exchange of energy within these blocks.

Some energy also needs to be converted into  matter, the building blocks of which the cell structure and finally the whole organism is made of.  A major portion of the requirement of energy by the cells comes from the food we at. This food is broken down into smaller particles for easy assimilation of the nutrients stored in there, some energy is released during this breaking down process which is used for  running the processes  within the cell. 

Secondly a part of the energy is stored as matter (carbohydrates, fats, proteins)  as the building blocks of the cell, or to be converted back to energy, as the need arises, whenever required.

Metabolism is the sum total of all the chemical reactions ( breaking down of the food particles for the energy, and  storing the energy as the building material for the physical body) which are essential for sustaining the life in the physical body. 

The process of breaking down of matter ( food) for energy is known as catabolism, and the process of converting energy into matter as building blocks of the physical structure is known as anabolism.  Food provides a number of ingredients which the body cannot prepare on its own but are essential to maintaining, building, and repair of any wear and tear. 

 Digestion of food in the digestive tract is a catabolic process.  Carbohydrates are the basic source of energy for all the internal processes of the body. Carbohydrates sugars, and starch are converted into glucose during digestion which is the basic fuel for all the activities in the body.

Proteins received from the diet form the building blocks of the body.  fats are the concentrated source of energy with the highest calorific value from among all the categories of the components of the food we eat.  Body can store extra fat for use at a later stage.  A healthy body results from a balance between the processes of catabolism and anabolism.   

Enzymes are the chemicals which bring about the chemical reactions which constitute metabolism.   The action of enzymes is itself a type of metabolism as the enzymes go under chemical transformation during their execution of metabolism of food components. Thus in a way metabolism sustains metabolism.   Insufficient production of enzymes is a kind of disorder which lead to obesity, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure.

Resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy the body expends by just sitting around, or doing nothing. The Resting metabolic rate is the indicator of one’s general health condition.  Adding more protein in the diet can boost metabolism. More the muscle mass higher will be the metabolism. 

mprove metabolism with Yoga

The quantity of food one eats and the times of the day one eats determine one’s metabolic rate. In general men have higher metabolic rates than women.  Recent studies have linked Vitamin D, from all essential vitamins, with the function of metabolism in humans.   Healthy metabolism is the indicator of a healthy mind.

Yoga for a healthy metabolism

Yoga asanas to boost metabolism work by proving a good massage to the digestive tract situated in the abdominal region. A well-toned, and energized digestive system improves the rate and quality of digestion (catabolic process) which positively impacts the metabolism as whole. The yoga twisting asanas squeeze out the toxins from the digestive organs giving them a new life and the related efficiency to work better.

Pranayama to increase metabolism help by increasing the flow of blood to all the organ systems, which supplies the nutrients  and oxygen for  metabolism to take place within the cells of the organs  much faster  stoking up the overall the metabolic rate.   Yoga to boost metabolism and weight loss help increase the muscle mass within the body, the increase in the muscle mass boosts up the metabolic rate of the body. 

Yoga exercises for Weight Loss

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana




Prithvi Mudra

Khechari Mudra

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