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Cure sinusitis through Yoga, Mudras, Kritas, Pranayamas and asanas that cure sinusitis

Sinus Problems and Yoga, Sinusitis Treatment with  Yoga 

Sinus Problems and Yoga

Sinuses are natural spaces, hollows between the joints of the skull. These hollow spaces are seemingly meant to reverberate the sound which is produced in the larynx (sound box) present in the throat, and also to filter the air which enters them during the breathing process.  Since they stay as hollows only, they remain easy targets for foreign matter, microbes to enter and infect their inner lining made of live tissues.  The inflammation of the inner surfaces of the sinuses is known as sinusitis.  Inflamed sinuses get filled with fluid which results from the secretions released from the inner membrane.  Sinusitis can result from common cold, or the swelling of the inner lining of the nose, nasal polyps or a deviated septum.

Sinusitis which lasts for about 2- 4 weeks is known as acute sinusitis, and any infection of the sinuses which stays for more than 12 weeks comes under the category of chronic sinusitis.  Other factors that may contribute to the inflammation of the sinuses are a weak immune system, allergies to certain elements, floating dust or smoke in the environment , kids drinking from bottle lying on their back, or catching the infection from contact with someone already infected.  The first and very obvious symptom of sinusitis is a blocked, runny nose this may be accompanied by mild cough along with loss of the sense of smell.  Sinusitis is one of the causes for bad breath in a majority of the cases some people may experience fever, fatigue and pain in the dentures as well. Swelling around the eyes, sore throat and pain in the ears may also be present.

In case left untreated, chronic sinusitis can damage vision and in severe cases can even lead to blindness.  Very rarely uncontrolled sinusitis can lead to inflammation of the membranes of the bran and the spinal cord.

Yoga for Sinusitis, Sinus disease

The sinusitis infection treatment with yoga involves a number of nasal cleansing techniques.  One of them is washing the sinuses and the nasal cavity with saline solutions (Jalneti).  This technique is known as hypertonic nasal irrigation therapy which is very effective in thinning the mucous layer within the sinuses, along with arresting the inflammation present therein.  Jalneti is one of the most noninvasive technique for   inducing effective mucociliary clearance. As per one study 70 % of the subjects who were inflicted with sinusitis showed reduction in its symptoms after regularly practicing the nasal cleansing technique for a specific duration.  Patients who experience frequent  bouts of sinusitis have been found to reduce the usage of medication for the treatment of this condition  with the regular practice of Jalneti.

Mantra Chanting,  Pranayamas  which generate active vibrations within the skull ( Brahmari),  and singing bhajans are important components of the home remedies for sinus.  These vibrations generated in the skull by these practices help open the spaces connecting the sinuses to the nasal passage. This benefits by draining out the extra mucous from the inflamed sinus cavities through the nose, this also drains the inflammation causing bacteria present in the mucous out which keeps these cavities infection free.  Humming techniques used in various pranayamas for sinusitis help keep the interconnected hollow channels of the sinuses well ventilated, and thus free of any disease.

It has been found that exhalation accompanied by humming ( as in brahmari, Om Chanting) keeps the nitric oxide levels  within the sinuses high, this prevents  any infection from taking roots in these cavities.

Yoga for sinus allergies also benefits sinusitis in an indirect manner, by relieving the mental stress and improving the blood circulation to the membranes lining the sinus cavities.  An improved blood circulation improves the infection fighting potential of the cells of the membranes involved.  Moreover a healthy blood supply also benefits by keeping the sinuses well drained of any stagnant, and therefore harboring infection causing microbes, secretions within the sinuses.  Allergic sinusitis can be easily avoided by making simple changes to one’s lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle includes all the activities which align one with the natural laws of nature; sleeping and  waking up early, healthy diet,  timely and proper evacuation of the bowels and liquid waste from the body etc.  One can effectively treat sinusitis with yoga by practicing certain specific asanas which stretch the respiratory organs in different directions, this benefits b keeping the respiratory passageways clear of any obstruction which can later turn into inflammation.  Simple yoga poses for sinus when  done with a proper coordination with slow breathing directs  the flow of each inhalation and exhalation to the remotest corners of the respiratory system keeping them clear and healthy.

All the forward bending low head position yoga asanas are very effective in force draining the sinuses clear of any mucous.  While performing  yoga asanas where the head is required to be placed lower than the heart help by rushing the blood to the head region aided by gravity.  This on its own enhances the overall health of the organs systems associated with the oral, nasal, auditory, and ophthalmic functions which are situated in the vicinity of each other.

Yoga for Sinusitis, or Allergic Sinusitis

Ardhmatsyendra Asana

Uttanasana / Hastpad Asana

Adhomukhasvan Asana


Akash Mudra