Chronic back pain, Manage The causes Yoga Way

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Chronic back pain is an indication that something is amiss, in the system of the body. One can experience back pain due to a wrong posture.

Correcting one’s standing posture, as well as sitting posture can help realign the vertebrae, in their natural alignment over each other and thus relieve back pain.

Negative emotions like stress, lack of confidence, and, sorrow can affect one’s ability to hold one’s spine vertically straight leading chronic lower back pain as the lumbar vertebrae have to undergo additional stress for compensating for the imbalanced distribution of the body weight, above the lower spine, caused by the stoop.

Exercise for Chronic Lower back Pain

Lack of adequate exercise the region can lead to weakening of the musculature wrapped around and holding the spine straight can also cause a lot of strain on the lower back region leading to chronic back pain. Yoga for a healthy spine is the best remedy for lower back pain caused due to muscle weakness. Another set of yoga techniques for healing lower back pain also prove to be very effective in strengthening the lower spine and thus relieving it of any undue stress which can cause pain.

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