Emotions and Behavior, As Seen by Yoga

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all articles on Yoga Concepts

Handling Emotions is a challenge

for all. Emotions are like the

wind in the sails of the ship

of Yoga. If left on their own,

they have the potential to run the

ship astray. Some guidelines on

handling emotions effectively are shared here.

  1. Do not be greedy, No one carries one’s wealth to heaven.
  2. Do not envy or hate others.
  3. Do not harbor prejudice against others.
  4. Do not get overwhelmed with anger, fear grief or sorrow. Learn to manage anger.
  5. Never get excited at anything or any person.
  6. Do not loose your temper in an insulting situation.
  7. Stop worrying over anything or everything.
  8. Keep anxiety at arms length, anxiety can cause arthritis.
  9. Practice forgiveness rather than take revenge.
  10. Do not be frustrated or feel dejected at your failures.
  11. Do not be over joyed at your success.
  12. Ignore and try to forget your miseries and sorrows.
  13. Look out for and enjoy the happy moments in your life, keep the mind positive.
  14. BE happy and contended with your lot.
  15. Try to control your instincts and sentiments, and emotions and never give the, an upper hand.

Behavior with people

  1. Follow the path of righteousness and the rules of good conduct as advised by your religion.
  2. Never be at enmity with others.
  3. Never covet nor appropriate wealth of others.
  4. Do not censure others.
  5. Do not slight others.
  6. Do not think ill of others and cause stress to them.
  7. Never generate fear in others.
  8. Do not eavesdrop others.
  9. Never resort to lawbreakers and wicked people for help.
  10. Do not show distrust in or breakoff relations with those who know your secrets.
  11. Do not break a rule accepted by the majority, community, or society.
  12. Do not behave or act in a manner that you have to be ashamed of or repent for later.
  13. Be on good terms with persons who are interested in you or those who have helped you in times of stress.
  14. Be humble and modest.
  15. Be honest in all your dealings.
  16. Try to help others in all possible ways.
  17. Do not sin even against sinful ones.
  18. Be delighted at the prosperity of others.
  19. Le the lives of great men set an example to you.

Behavior with superiors

  1. Do not o against the wishes of your superiors.
  2. Be obedient and perform your duties sincerely.
  3. Have faith in your superiors and be loyal to them.
  4. Always respect parents, elders, teachers, leaders, learned men, and saints.

Behavior with assistants and Juniors

  1. Do not support your assistants and servants who have proved faithless and take disciplinary action if necessary.
  2. See to it that your assistants receive timely payments.
  3. Do not boss over your assistants.
  4. Appreciate the work of your assistants and good qualities by rewarding them appropriately.
  5. Treat your assistants as members of your family.

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