My Kundilini Awakening Journal, Third Eye Opening Experiences

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Kundilini Awakening Journal

Date wise Kundilini awakening journal entries:

16th December, 2022:

I woke up at around 3 am and decided to meditate as this is the hour which is considered most appropriate for the same. For the first time I experienced a lightly throbbing sensation exactly at the spot Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) is supposed to be located: a bit above the center of the eyebrows. It kind of the ants moving sensation which is lightly pressing against the inside of the forehead.

I could hold this only for 10 minutes and immediately lapped up my computer and began searching about the phenomenon I was experiencing. Google confirmed that it is of course related to the beginning of the opening of the Third Eye Chakra. It said that the Kundilini Shakti which remains dormant at the base of the spine (near Muladhara Chakara) is beginning to move up the spine and trying to activate the Third Eye (Pineal Gland) Chakra in the forehead.

It was actually a eye opening experience for me as I had only read about this phenomenon in books or known it from senior experienced teacher. “Ghosh'” this is really happening to me? I was a bit intrigued too because the terms Kundilini and Third Eye had a strong mystical connotation to themselves.

After this I began meditating regularly to keep providing a push to the process from myside. The throbbing sensation of the experience prodded me to push it more from behind for expediting the process.

It infused a sense of achievement into me, somewhere akin to a bloated ego.

Mediation Technique I devised | Kundilni Awakening Journal

As the pulsating sensations at the Third Eye Chakra continued with each meditation, I had become regular with my mediations now, I learnt about the nuances of how to hold the container of the body right in order for the pulsations to intensify with the maximum force.

What done wrong was diminishing the pulsations and what was being done right which was re kindling the sensations. The Kundilini awakening journa, here, enter those findings in detail.

Begin by consciously taking the mind off any engagements in the present in order to prepare for the meditation process. Turn the entire attention to setting the intent of meditating for the next half an hour or so.

Sit on a cotton mat, yoga mats made of synthetic materials disturb the ion (positive and negative) balance of the associated energy and can produce turbulence instead of tranquility in the mind. Sit in Sukhasana (cross legged) position.

The crossed legs, with feet facing toward the body creates a stable base for the upper body to be firmly held over it. Place the palms (facing down) on the respective knees, straighten the spine vertically upwards, emerging at right angle from the base formed by the legs crossed over each other.

Make sure the head is vertically aligned with the spine by lifting the chin up and keeping it parallel to the floor. Now, look straight ahead and slowly defocus the mind on the visual preset in front of the eyes. As the eyelids begin to feel heavier, slowly close the eyes. Run your attention to each part of the body, beginning from any of the ends, and relax these parts by mentally vocalizing the word ‘relax.’4

This activity can take anywhere between 5 to 10 mins to complete. Next, bring your awareness to the breath. Remain aware of the position of the spine (to be held vertically straight) and that of the chin (to be prevented from dropping down). Feel each inhalation and exhalation with complete attention on the expanding of the lungs while inhaling and caving in of the thoracic cavity on each exhalation.

After a few breaths you will notice that the mind begins to calm / shut down after each exhalation. Inhalation, on the other hand activates the thought process. Slowly, cautiously, effortlessly, lengthen the exhalation. Feel the relaxation setting in the mind as a feeling of numbness begins to merge within it.

Avoid ending the exhalation by will, let it keep hanging, continuing on tis own till it empties the lungs into a pause, or Sunkya. Focus on this gap between the inhalation and exhalation. Suppress the urge to consciously begin the next inhalation, let the breathing rhythm take its time and the Sunyaka pause flow smoothly into the subsequent inhalation.

You will notice that the longer the pause (Sunyaka) the more relaxed becomes the mind. Position the eyes into Shambhavi Mudra, (eyes focused between the center of the eyebrows) while the eyelid remain closed. After a few breaths a tingling sensation will begin to appear a little above the space between the two eyebrows. This is the point where the third eye Chakra or the Pineal Gland is located. This sensation resembles the cool tingle left behind in the mouth after one had upon chewed paper mint candy.

This tingling sensation is created by the Kundilini energy emerging from the Mooldhara Chakra and reaching the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra) after passing through all the five Chakras located below it.

Focus on this sensation as it grows in intensity. In case it looses the intensity it would be due to your loosing the vertical alignment of the spine. Straighten the spine and lift the chin again. A regular Yoga practice will impart enough strength to the body so that you can hold the spine vertically up for longer durations of time.

You may experience occasional twitching int the lover spine and the tingle moving up towards the head. This is normal as the Moolabandha is taking place at the base of the spine on its own from the impact of the meditative state you are slipping into. Hold this state of mind as well as the body for as longas you can and end the practice by slowly opening the eyes and returning the the awareness of the surroundings.

Third Eye Opens on 13th January 2023

13 January, 2023: Kundilini Awakening Journal

While I was asleep in prone position, the Third Eye Chakra began to throb heavily. This woke me up at around 1:30 am. I was lying straight on my belly, with face resting one a pillow, turned towards left. The body, legs were properly extended along its length.

Felt a twitch in the base of the spine from where intense electrical current like impulses snked towards the head. I could feel these impulses hit the top center of my head (Sahasrara Chakra). As i was till lying in the same position the center of the head felt cool and as if a vacuum was created there.

I got up and sat on a sofa. It was feeling like the mind is completely calm, not sleepy. I coul for the first time experience the feeling of being completely awake. Slept back after sometime. Got up at 7: 30 am again and felt extremely fresh, head felt lighter and awareness sharper.

14th January, 2023:

Mouth, tongue ulcers appeared on the lateral side of the tongue.

15th January, 2023:

Had a dream where I saw a group of snakes coiled into Kundilini.

16th Janury, 2023:

Woke up with the inflammed tonsils, and Sinus / Nasal congestion without any cough or sneezing. No irritation in the throat.

Experienced strong sensations travelling down the nerves of the legs, inner side of the legs, reaching the ankles, a bit unbearable though not painful.

Experienced cold and hot fluctuations of body temperature during the day.

Started my computer and the time on the desktop displayed 11:11.

Took two vitamin B12 tablets for mouth ulcers and one Paracetamol tablet to ease the symptoms of Tonsilitis and the associated fever.

17th January, 2023:

Took one vitamin B12 tablet.

Sickness symptoms had improved a bit.

Major Experiences after Kundilini Awakening – Third Eye Opening

Right after I experienced kundilini awakening several incidents happened over a period of several months which can be for sure attributed to the awakening.

The first thing that was physically noticeable was rapid loss in my body weight. My diet remained the same as before but it seemed as if the skin is beginning to cling on to the skeletal bones. The facial contours changed. Everyone I was meeting after the awakening was commenting on my changed appearance.

I looked very thin and disheveled in my over all appearance.

Next, things and processes which were stuck up around me earlier began to flow. I had bought a new replacement for the water valve of my dish washer machine earlier. Most of the household had tried their hands on pushing its tight opening into the metallic water outlet, but with no avail. In fact we had given up on it and stowed it away into a waste cupboard.

Right after my awakening I felt like trying once again. I pulled it back from the cupboard and placed it on the gape of the metallic water outlet it was suppose to slide on to, And it did slid onto it, the push applied being just average.

The dishwasher which was not in use for a long time now became usable again. Our family car had sped way ahead of its expiry date and buying a new car was due since years now. But, somehow, neither me and nor my dad felt the need to by a new one, as we were mentally accustomed to using the old one more cautiously till it will breathe its last.

Suddenly one fine day my dad announced that we are buying a new car, and asked me to suggest the make and model I would be interested in. Later we bought the car of my choice and the front look of the house (were the new car was parked) appeared classy after that.

By now, since the earlier symptoms of kundilini awakening were very harsh for me to handle, I had suspended all my spiritual practices in order to alleviate the physical pain associated with it.

Second Stage of Kundilini Awakening – Crown Chakra Opening

By the end of 2023, around late October / early November I began my regular Yoga practice again. Prior to which I had been meditating sporadically just to be sure that my Kundilini has not recoiled back to dormancy.

Around mid year (2023) my life began to fall apart. My father, 86 years old, developed urinary tract infection along with an enlarged prostate. He had had this issue some five years earlier which was successfully taken care of my an Ayurvedic treatment he was suppose to follow life long. He somehow flunked on it and the scrouge resurfaced.

Me and both my parents were living on our property at the families farm house, kind of isolated from the nearest urban settlement. I had to drive him almost daily to the nearest town to see a doctor who had helped him fight the infection but wasn’t giving any long term solution for the same.

One night his condition was so bad that we decided, in anticipation of the worst scenario, that he should will his property in someone’s name so that we are not left in a lurch legally in case he losses his battle with the infliction.

He asked me to accompany him to the Tehsildaar’s office where he willed me as his legal hire post his demise. For bot of us it was just a formality that was needed at this stage and age of his life.

From here started another horror for me. My mother objected to the contents of the will and demanded her own share into it. I had never expected this from my mother. It was a painful eyeopener. I felt completely insecure and shattered.

I felt as if i am on an emotional roller coaster. Things which I could have never imagined in my worst dreams were unfolding as reality in front of me. After a heated conversation with my parents my mother threatened me with a police complaint.

I lost all my bearings and left home to spend the night in a hotel nearby. I came back home the next day. I booked my ticket to Mumbai exactly after a week from then. One of those days as I was sitting in my reading room and was browsing through a book, I felt a powerful tingling movement rising up to the center of my forehead.

It was like a spinning spiral pressing against the wall of my forehead from inside. I was surprised because this sensation used to well up only when I was sitting in a meditation with an upright spine. Today , it started on its own even while I am sitting on a chair with a bent spine. The sensation was very strong and after some time I could feel the tingling sesation reach my scalp, the crowm area.

It felt as if some petals are opening upwards from my crown. I tried to sustain the sensations for a while but got distracted by a dog barking in the dark nearby. After that I reached Mumbai and began practicing Yoga regularly.

After almost three weeks of regular practice I experiences the same spiraling, tingling sensation rise up to my crown area, again I was astride a chair with a curved spine. The subtle sensations of numerous petals opening above my head with a proper crackling sensation became more prominent.

This began to happen very often, anytime of the day, irrespective of what position my body is in. Then, in the last week of December 2023, I developed a serious toothache in two of my teeth, more specifically in my jaws along with shivering sensations within the whole body.

I took Painkillers and antibiotics for around four days before these symptoms subsided.

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