Suffering from Migraines, Easy Coping Strategies & Techniques

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What are the possible reasons,

for severe headache or migraine?

One of my clients has a severe

migraine bursts occasionally.

On probing she revealed that she

also has pain in the neck,

on the left side which may be the cause

of her migraine. What do you guys think?

what other factors can

cause migraine or throbbing headaches and how to cope with them?

How to Heal Yourself, Migraine Coping Strategies

Migraine Coping Strategies

The blindingly violent pain of a migraine, – accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, and an increased sensitivity to light and sound – not only makes for a frightening, painful experience, but also disrupts the work and social life of the sufferer. Prevention is the best plan of attack, thought learning to cope with it by different means can help one maintain one’s ground when the attack comes.

In some women migraine can get aggravated with the onset of menopause. If accompanied with hot flashes, the head can become hot, one can use ice packs to cool it down. Sometimes migraine can be triggered by very hot weather, or a cold breeze. Eating spicy food has also been found to trigger the headache in some cases. Identifying the individual triggers and keeping away from then can reduce the frequency and intensity of attack to some extent.

Alcohol, coffee, sweets and ice creams, cheese, and chocolates can also be the culprits for some. Exercises like swimming and aerobics have been found to alleviate the discomfort associated with a migraine attack. Yoga for headaches have been found very effective in preventing as well as curing migraine in the long run. Meditation and reiki has also worked for many sufferers. Increasing one’s awareness about how and when the migraine attacks also help cope up with the problem.

One can prepare by relaxing the mind and the body before hand, and not resist the impending onslaught. Some find relief in sleeping over it, and for some basic breathing exercises of yoga are the real saviors. Since stress plays a very significant role in triggering migraine, relaxation techniques when practice before or during the migraine attack have provided respite to a number of sufferers. One must strive to identify the stressors which cause tension, a stress test can be very useful for the same, and begin to learn managing the same.

Splashing cold water over the face can also help numb the sensation of migraine pain in a lot of people. Getting a good night sleep is another solution for whom insomnia is the trigger. Blaring of the TV, late nights, fatigue, and exhaustion have been found to trigger the pain in some people. Taking care of these factors has helped people cope with their condition.

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