Meditation at Shahzadpur Center, Defocus and Release

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Our clients from village Lakhnora,

located on Shahzadpur Ambli road.

In reality, meditation is more about

walking out of one’s mind,

or a state where the matrix of

mind sieges to exist.

The mind is concentrated on either a single thought,

sound , or an object. Meditation also means a

thoughtless state of mind where the mind goes blank, bereft of any thought of an idea, object, or a sound. The later state is a advanced stage in the stages of meditation.

Meditation comes easy at Yoga center at Shahzadpur

Meditation at Shahzadpur Center

One of the techniques to focus on a single concept is to defocus the mind on everything else. On account of its unique location, the yoga center at Shahzadpur, located near Chandigarh in North India, automatically cuts off the mind from the din and buzz of city life. The senses remain surrounded by the lush green lawns, verdant vegetation , and chirping of the birds. An occasional trundle of a passing vehicle is heard, as the yoga center is jutted against the highway number 344, which runs from Haridwar to Panchkula.

The students are asked to first sit in any meditative posture and relax the entire body, which will eventually relax the mind. The students, while sitting on the yoga mats spread out on the lawns, are instructed to look ahead at the thicket of lush vegetation and try not to focus on any single section of the vista sprawled in front of them. They are advised not to blink the eyes and slowly defocus the sight on the scene present in front The tiring eye muscles helps with blurring the scene and closing the mind off to it.

Then, they are instructed to slowly close their eyes , and try to maintain their attention on to the dark blank space that has been created within the closed eyes. Not to fight with the thoughts but not to stick to them. They can run the mind along the imaginary shapes the dark in front begins to weave, but avoid attaching any meaning or thoughts to them. Slowly, one begins to enjoy, or feel relaxed within this blank space as the mind stands unburdened of any sensory signals.

At our yoga center at Shahzadpur, this meditative technique has been found very effective across age groups. It also benefits senior yoga practitioners, especially such a simple techniques, as it does not demand rigorous mind controlling preparatory exercises as a prerequisite to meditation.

Signs that the Meditation is going right – as seen by the Yoga Instructor

  1. The facial mass. muscles begin to slide down, hand from the skull.
  2. Zero eyeball movement with the closed eyelids.
  3. Relaxed forehead.
  4. Slow and steady breathing
  5. Reluctance to come out of this state of mind, as the eye lids appear heavy when one attempts to open the eyes in order to exit the meditative state.

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