Home remedy for Sore throat and Cold

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Flax Seeds for Curing Common Cold

Ever felt irritable with the symptoms of a common cold (runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes popping up from nowhere, incapacitating you even for your mundane daily chores. Prepare this home remedy to instantaneously relieve the symptoms for common cold. Make sure that a proper mix of vital minerals, vitamins, form a part of the daily diet which can prevent common cold on its own.

Ingredients of the Home Remedy for Sore Throat

Turmeric Powder, Ginger, Flax seeds, Jaggery

How to prepare?

  • To begin making the home remedy for sore throat put a table spoon of flax seeds into a dry metal utensil and place it over the lit stove

  • Cover the container with a lid in order to prevent the spluttering flax seeds from falling out of it

  • Ones all the flax seeds start spluttering in the utensil, after at least a minute, pour two glasses of normal water into it

  • Add one table spoon of turmeric powder ( contains vitamin C), crushed small ginger piece, and Jaggery ( as per the taste) into this concoction so formed, and let it boil till it is reduced to half its original volume

  • Crushed black pepper ( Vitamin C) can also be added in order to enhance the potency of the concoction

  • Filter it into a mug and sip it slowly

Have this concoction for at least twice a day for gaining complete relief from the symptoms related to a sore throat or any such allergies. Natural food items like fruits and vegetables if eaten raw can help boost the immune system and prevent infections like common cold. Same holds true in case one religiously follows the universally acclaimed tips on healthy eating habits.


You can use milk in place of water, but do not use jaggery as a sweetener with milk, use honey or sugar instead.

How does this Home remedy work on sore throat?

The ingredients used in this home remedy for sore throat bring together their individual properties and form a potent concoction for healing the related conditions.

Turmeric powder - Turmeric though more popular as a spice used in Indian cooking has also been used as a potent medicinal herb for a number of diseases from times immemorial. Ayurveda, the Indian system of medicine extensively uses the medicinal properties of turmeric to heal a number of maladies the natural way.

The medicinal significance of turmeric comes from a range of vitamins, proteins, fiber, and minerals present in it. Turmeric has always been considered as a very powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti oxidant, carminative, and anti- cancerous agent.

The three main ingredients known as curcuminids; curcumin, desmythoxycurcumin, and bis-desmythoxycurcumin, and a volatile oil known as turmerone. These ingredients are powerful anti-inflammatory agents which help reduce the inflammation in sore throat. Used in the concoction prepared as a home remedy these ingredients also heal itching, burning, and the associated pain with the sore throat ailment.

Ginger - Ginger is a common herb used in majority of the kitchens across households. Its the root - underground part - of the ginger plant that is used in cooking. Ginger has been found to be abundant in phytonutrients like gingerols and shogoals which have healing effect on health.

Inclusion of ginger in the home remedy for sore throat is a must as these phytonutrients are powerful anti-inflammatory ( reduce inflammation) compounds. Ginger has also been found to have proven potency for killing microbes like bacteria and virus. Sore throat is generally caused by any of these microbes.

Ginger also helps heal sore throat faster than other herbs as it boosts up once immune system which revitalizes the bodies defense mechanism leading to faster recovery. Regularly practicing certain yoga techniques which boost immunity can also help keep infections like sore throat and common cold at bay.

Flax Seeds and Jaggery - Flax seeds contain high quantities of omega -3 fatty acids, fiber, manganese, and magnesium. This combination acts as a demulcent on the affected, irritating mucous membranes, the ingredients present in flax seed acts as soothing and lubricating agents on the microbes caused inflamed inner lining of the respiratory tracts, which includes the inflamed throat.

Use of jaggery in the home remedy for sore throat works some what the same way as it helps sooth the inflammation in the throat which reduces the associated pain and also helps keep the respiratory organ systems dilated.

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