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Benefits of Hatha Yoga are infinite.

In fact, the construct of the human mind

and body is such,

that it functions at its optimal best only the yoga way.

Yoga is not a choice for staying fit,

it is the operational manual of the human mind as explained in yoga, and the body.  

 The difference one experiences within oneself while shifting the mind and the body to work as per the yogic principles is a logical outcome in response to one beginning to tune one’s existence the natural way. The fact that this very natural outcome feels like a strived for benefit to the modern man indicates how far he has strayed from his basic natural construct. We at Shahzadpur farm Yoga follow Patanjali’s Ashtang Yoga which revolves around working on the human mind.

Yoga processes, today,  are the most famous form of keeping oneself healthy and are equally misunderstood as well. Scientific medical procedures and modern technology based healthy lifestyle choices are still the fads to be adhered to as a first choice by the modern man. Yoga is considered as a last resort. 

Recently I got a call from one of the victims of a road accident who have gone through a brain surgery but has lost his control on balance while walking post operation. As usual when I asked why do you want to do yoga? he said, ” my neurosurgeon has suggested yoga as the only hope for me to revert back to normal life.”

Acquiring a steady mind  and a relaxed attituded with yoga yoga can prevent accidents, save relationships, make lives more productive and full filling, suck out the negativity from the mind, point to any aspect of the human life and yoga has a possibility there. And still  most eye Yoga as another form of an exercise only.

 Our Yoga Classes in Bandra West are one of the many yoga centers mushrooming up in every corner of the city, keeping pace with the rate at which life threatening health issues are spawning out of modern living in big cities. Achieving benefits of yoga doesn’t come easy, it takes tremendous amount of will, determination and regularity with the yoga practice to bear fruit. Yoga is not only for the young, it has immense benefits for the seniors too.

The benefits of Yoga index section here has been exclusively crafted for people who are looking for all the yoga techniques, yoga asanas, pranayamas, related to a single yoga benefit at one place. Our section on yoga related articles, the blog, provides additional information on the yoga concepts related to the yoga techniques provided here. Additionally, participate in our forum section to benefit from the discussions on yoga with the world. 

Yoga that Benefits the Body Functions

Yoga for Hernia

Yoga for Pancreas

Yoga for Reproductive Organs

Yoga for varicose Veins

Yoga for Cervical Spondilitis

Yoga Benefits for the various Body Organs

Yoga for A healthy Heart

Yoga for an Enhanced lung Capacity

Yoga for restoring Hoemeostasis

Yoga for Healthy kidneys

Yoga for Ovaries health

Yoga for Uterus health

Yoga for Healthy Eyes

Yoga for Healthy Ears

Yoga for Healthy Pancreas

Yoga for Reproductive organ’s health

Yoga for a healthy Liver

Yoga to recharge the body

Yoga for Improving Physical Stamina

Yoga for Healthy Vocal cords

Yoga for a Healthy Thymus Gland

Yoga for Hips health

Yoga to Build Mental Stamina

Yoga for Enhanced Blood Circulation

Yoga for Healthy Nervous System

Yoga for stretching the Hamstrings

Yoga for Stretching the Calves

Yoga That Benefit the Arms

Yoga that benefits the Upper Back

Yoga for Improving the Concentration of Mind

Yoga for Boosting Metabolism

Yoga that Benefits the Thyroid Gland

Yoga for a Healthy Pituitary Gland

Yoga that Benefits the Spinal Nerves

Yoga that Benefits the Thighs

Yoga that benefits the Knees

Yoga That works on the Pelvis

Yoga that works upon the Vertebrae

Yoga that help improve Fertility

Yoga that Benefits Urogenital Health

Yoga that Improves Respiration

Yoga that improves Digestion

Yoga that improves Appetite

Yoga that works on the Large Intestine

Yoga that Stimulates the Adrenal Glands

Yoga that stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System

Yoga for a Healthy Spine

Yoga that Works out the Shoulders

Yoga that is Good for the legs

Yoga that Rejuvenate the Abdominal Organs

Yoga Techniques that Benefit the Behaviour

Yoga that Induces Love & Compassion

Yoga that Induces Acceptance

Yoga that help Build Confidence

Yoga that help elevate the Mood

Yoga that Help Calm the Mind

Yoga Techniques that Benefit a Disorder or Disease

Yoga that Benefit Asthma

Yoga Techniques which Benefit in Vertigo

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Kyphosis

Yoga Techniques that Help heal Myalgia – Muscle pain of the back

Yoga Techniques that Benefit in Anxiety

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Enteroptosis

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Appendicitis

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Neurasthenia 

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Hysteria

Yoga Techniques that Benefit Haemorrhoids

Yoga Techniques which help heal Dispepsia

Yoga Techniques Which Benefit the Stretch Marks

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Sagging Breasts

Yoga Techniques which Benefit in Incontinence

Yoga Techniques which Benefit  Hypertension

Yoga Techniques which Benefit General Backache

Yoga Techniques which Benefit in Menopause

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Flat Feet

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Osteoporosis

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Headache

Yoga Techniques which help Reduce Stress

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Insomnia

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Throat Issues

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Nasal Problems

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Flatulence

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Sinusitis

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Bronchitis

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Colitis condition

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Slipped Disc 

Yoga Techniques which Benefit in Diabetes

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Hyperthyroidism

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Constipation

Yoga Techniques which Benefit in Menstruation problems

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Rheumatism

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Lower Back Pain – Lumbago

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Sciatica Pain

Yoga Techniques which help Fight Fatigue

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Depression

Yoga Techniques which Benefit Eosinophilia

Yoga Techniques that Benefit the Emotions

Yoga Techniques which Improve the Posture

Yoga that Benefits the Double Chin Condition

Yoga that helps Reduce Abdominal Fat

Yoga that Benefit the Jaw Line

Yoga Techniques which Benefit a Skill

Yoga that Benefit the Memory